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Feeling better about things..

I thought I would post another update, I am going to try hard to keep up to date on my blog posting. I can't let my daughter show me up! It is school holidays at the moment and I started a new blog for her to give her something to do, and she is taking to it like a duck to water. I have lost count of how many posts she has done! It will be good practice for her writing skills and her typing skills and she seems to really be enjoying it!

I had my 3mthly appointment with my rheumatologist and he agreed to take me off the methotrexate. I feel so much better off it. My pain is slightly worse on it so far (could also be coincidence) but at least now I have a little more energy and can think straight! I am feeling much more hopeful about getting things done and doing more designing. I am glad to not be on such a toxic drug anymore as well.

The kids have been having a wonderful time over the holidays and are only just now starting to be at each others throats. We went to the movies to see Despicable Me in 3d and they LOVED it. They have also been playing with clay and making things out of clay to paint and put on display. Earlier in the holidays they made some sock puppets. They turned out really well and they had lots of fun making them.

I have been feeling quite well over the holidays, I think it is the extra sleep! Sleeping in seems to make a big difference for me and I don't need naps at all when I sleep a bit longer. I need to try harder to go to bed at a decent hour during the school term!

Kyan is growing up so fast and slowly stopping his tantrum throwing. He still throws the occasional tantrum when he is tired, usually over food, but they are fewer and farther between now thank goodness! He is becoming such a delightful and happy little boy and I am so proud of him.

Jasmine is heading fast into growing into a tween. Eeek! It is going way to fast for me, but she has a good head on her shoulders and is very sensible thank goodness. She is still thoroughly enjoying school and continues to get really good marks. I hope she keeps up her love of learning as her school years progress.

Dean is still working hard and I am grateful for how much he does. I can't believe we have been married for 16 years. What a milestone in today's day and age! I wish I could do more to help him around the house but maybe now I am off the methotrexate that will be a little easier.

Anyway, a bit of an update on all of us, it has been such a long time since I have done one of those!

It’s been a while!

It has been a while since I have done an update so I thought it was time to post a blog post on how things are going with us. So much has changed since last time I wrote.

We are nicely settled into our new home. That is we are moved in and comfortable! I still have lots of boxes in the garage that need unpacking that I will do as time permits. Our old house sold fairly quickly after our third contract on it! It sold quick but the first two contracts fell through, but we were third time lucky. Unfortunately the bank wanted more of our equity than we expected so we don't have as much left over as we were hoping.

We were planning on using some of it to buy a new car, since our old one has died.. the engine is kaput and it is still sitting in the back yard. We need to get it to the wreckers but we haven't got to that yet. We got lucky because my brother bought a new one, and didn't need his old one any more and it wasn't worth selling so he let us have it. It will do just fine for the time being especially since….I am no longer working outside the home!!

That's right, if you haven't already heard, I am no longer working as an Admin Manager. After 3yrs in an accounting firm as the admin manager where I did payroll, in house accounts amongst other things, it was time for me to start putting my health first. My health was making it very difficult for me to maintain my work standards and I was finding it harder and harder to manage working full time with set hours.

So what now?? Well since I already have the best job in the world designing for DSP, which I was already doing on the side, I am now doing it full time, well full time with the added benefit of working when I am well and taking it easy when I am not. My hours are as flexible as they can get, I can work at 2am in my jammies, or 9.30am when the kids are at school or 8pm when the kids are in bed, or pretty much any time I feel like it. I love designing and am so lucky to be able to do it as a job now even tho I am unwell. I couldn't have a more suitable job for my illness which at this stage still looks to be Mixed Connective Tissue disease according to my Rheumatologist.

I have symptoms of several Auto-Immune diseases which may later develop into a specific one or may remain overlapping. Auto-immune diseases are notoriously difficult to diagnose even when the symptoms are clear but in the meantime at least I am being treated and now that I am no longer working outside the home, I can put my health first instead of my job but still earn money while doing so! YEAH!

The kids are doing great. Jasmine is about to turn 8 and is such a lovely young lady! She just got her ear's pierced today as an early birthday present. She is starting year 3 this year… boy it goes fast!! Kyan (my baby!!!) is starting prep this year! It will be good to have them in the one place instead of one at school and one at daycare. Although for the first time they have both been enjoying the entire Christmas break at home, and getting to know the kids in our new neighbourhood. I love that I can work even while they are home from school! Although maybe not as efficiently!!!

I think that is pretty much all of it. We had a lovely Christmas and new year and the kids are looking forward to going to school. I am loving spending more time designing although I think it will be easier when the kids are at school! I get so many interruptions at the moment while they are home, which is fine of course, I am enjoying spending so much time with them at the moment.

Oh nearly forgot! Dean has moved the workshop to home now and is now working at home which works well because if he wants to work extra hours, he can do so without feeling like he can't see the kids while he is gone. And now we don't have to waste rent on a shed and can put that money towards our house instead! We still in the process of organising curtains. We have some roman blinds on layby for the family room and have ordered some fabric for the kids rooms and will have them made very soon. Ours will be next after those I think. Yes, we just have sheets on the windows at the moment! It will take time to get it all done but it will happen bit by bit.

We need to get a ride on mower too because we don't have a mower and our block is an acre, so it is a bit expensive to have someone else mow each time! So that is on the priority list as well at the moment.

Anyway, so lots of changes for us, but hopefully all for the better! I think life will be a lot less stressful and much simpler now, and hopefully Dean won't have to work too many extra hours!! How else will he fit all that triathlon training in???

I feel normal!!

I have been on prednisone for nearly 5 days now and I can’t believe how much better I feel. I almost feel normal again! I got up this morning and one of the first things I did was unpack the dishwasher. It has been a very long time that I have been able to do much of anything in the mornings as I am usually much to tired, stiff and sore. I have been having to have rests while getting ready for work as while standing up ironing, showering and doing makeup makes my back incredibally sore. So much so that I have trouble putting my shoes on. It is now nearly 10.30 and I have put on a load of washing, done some picking up and unpacked the dishwasher and had a shower and my back is only mildly niggly and not an ounce of stiffness. I normally have to put on a wheat pack 3-4 times while getting ready for work, and now is the first time I have done it, and I could easily have done without it.

I feel like I can work through tiredness instead of it feeling like a brick wall of exhaustion that stops me in my tracks. It is NORMAL tiredness, that every other person experiences. I knew I was sick but I am only now starting to realise just how debilitating the illness was.

I am still getting sweating and some swelling, and some mild pain in my smaller joints, but nothing I can’t deal with. Nothing I need painkillers for or can’t work through. If I keep improving at this rate I will be ecstatic.

I haven’t noticed any major adverse side effects yet. No increased hunger, not sure about weight gain as our scales are a bit funny, but my clothes haven’t changed fit wise. I may have a bit of a rounder face, not sure, but that can be a side effect. My mood has most certainly improved but I don’t think it is the side effect of mood swings, I think it is just feeling normal and able to do things ! I guess it is a matter of wait and see for longer term effects but so far so good.

Christmas is coming! & update

Wow Christmas is coming way to fast, I just can’t keep up with the pace! Work is super busy and there is tons of stuff to do at home before Christmas, we have yet to put up the tree and finish buying presents. I still haven’t taken the photos for our Christmas cards, let alone sent them, they are looking like they are going to be late again this year!

I had my appointment with the rhematologist on Tuesday and unfortunately I STILL have no clear answers. My blood work only showed inflamation but no clear signs of exactly what the problem is. The doctor said I could have any of the autoimmune diseases, including Lupus, Scheroderma, Rheumatoid Arthritus, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease or even Still’s Disease which I think is also an Autoimmune Disease. He said he just can’t fit me into a neat little box.

From what I have read and heard Auto Immune Diseases are notoriously difficult to diagnose and I have heard many stories of it taking 5-10 years to get a diagnosis. I am thinking that as the disease progresses it will probably become more clear.

He offered to try treating it with prednisone if I wanted to and in a way tried to talk me out of it, but when he asked me what I thought I explained it is getting harder and harder to get through the working week and that it is effecting my work, and he said alright I think we should do it then. Prednisone is used as a treatment for all of the above diseases, so here’s hoping it will help. It has a lot of nasty side effects so it is going to be a see what happens kind of deal.

I started the medication on Tuesday night and I think I am noticing a slight improvement already. Fingers crossed it continues and the side effects aren’t too bad. I am on 25mg/day for the next month, then I have to reduce the dose by 1/4 of a tablet for the next month and another quarter the month after that, after which I have to go and see the rheumatologist again. He even gave me his email address which I have never had a doctor do before in case I have any problems with the Prednisone. So it is good to know I can easily contact him if I do experience any of the bad side effects.

Dean is still doing his triathalon training and is well and truely hooked. He is looking fitter and fitter every day and loosing some of his ‘beer’ belly. (not that he ever drinks much beer!) I am so proud of how much he is putting into it and how well he is doing, and how much his self confidence has improved since he started doing it. It really is great to see! Unfortunately it is a rather expensive hobby to get all the gear and to enter the comps, but he is enjoying it and it does him lots of good so you can’t begrudge him that at all!

Kyan has been very cranky the last few months, lots of tantrums and testing the boundries. Dean had a parent teacher interview at his kindy (I couldn’t make it because I am too busy at work) and they had noticed a change as well. They said he has been getting a bit bored in his current room and he is very ready to move up to the preschool room where it is more structured and they do a lot more ‘schooling’ type activities. They started transitioning him this week. I think it will do him good and be a bit more of a challenge for him. I think he is turning into a smart little cookie with a lot of ‘street smarts’. He is very observant and will often remember where things are when we can’t find them. I have been thinking that his crankyness is a combination of loosing his day naps, getting tired towards the end of the year, and testing the boundries a little as he gets a bit older. Fingers crossed it ends soon because his tantrums have been rather nasty and very testing!

Jasmine remains her consistent smart, well behaved and cheerful self, in between virus’s and illnesses that is. She has had her fair run of illness this year, her most recent an ear infection which she hasn’t had for quite some time. She is currently a bit wingy about all the mozzies that have come out in force thanks to our recent rain but apart from that she is doing well. Must dig out that mozzie zapper and a website addy I have yet to check out! I can’t wait till we have fly screens in the new house! She is enjoying her last weeks of year 1 and can’t wait to go to grade two! She still loves learning, reading and writing and appears to be a bit of a wizz at maths. She still loves her art and craft and being creative. I don’t think that will ever change since it is in her blood from both sides of the family!

The house plans are going well. We are in the final stages before it goes to council certification. We took a bit long over a few things which has delayed our starting date.  We are just waiting on one little thing and they will put it in for approval. Then hopefully in the new year building will start! YEAH! We have done all our selections and Dean is currently checking them all with all the suppliers to make sure everything is correct. Good thing he did because there were a couple of changes a few of them hadn’t made! It will be so exciting when building starts, I will be sure it innundate this blog with photos when it does! The current plan is that we should be able to move in in May, right at the start of winter. I am hanging for that spa bath to sooth my aching bones, fingers crossed there will be enough water in the tank to use it!

We have had lots of rain lately which is great, our dams are still critically low however with the rain only enough to sustain the city for a few more months. As I type however I can hear a storm brewing so heres hoping for a nice big downpour! Fingers crossed we continue to get enough rain until they finish the pipeline that will connect us to the Brisbane supply.

I am still doing some designing, I love it so much as it really satisfies my creative urges. I would love dearly to do it full time. We can only dream right?? I am doing a contest at the moment so haven’t been putting out much but the kits I have been working on should be available soon, with any luck!

Wow what a book! Ok, lots to do I had better get too it!