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Not long now till the walls go up!

Ok, well a few weeks yet! Our finance has been approved for our new house and the building contract has been signed, so it is just a matter of weeks before they can start building! We have to wait for the council approval to come through first.

Dean is still training and ran 18km’s the weekend before last. He is planning on doing a half marathon this weekend. He has also started swimming training and swam some laps at the pool where our kids go to swimming lessons. He ran down there early before the kids classes started and did his laps until we got there.

Jasmine is now in level 4 at swimming and for the first time swam in the 25meter lane. Not only did she swim in that lane but she did many laps without stopping mid way. She was a bit panicky at first as she never used to be able to touch bottom in that lane, but she didn’t realise how much she had grown! Once she realised she could not only touch bottom but could swim an entire lap, she gained a lot more confidence in her swimming ability. I am so proud of her, I wasn’t able to swim 25 meters until I was in grade 4. She is the smallest kid in her class too. The other kids look a couple of years older than her. I told her she is now a better swimmer than me, I was pretty ok (nowhere near as good as Dean) when I was a kid but I couldn’t swim 25meters now anymore. Hopefully once I get my health issues sorted out I can start working on my fitness.

Kyan is still acting up a bit in swimming class, when he saw he had a new teacher he didn’t want to do his lesson but got in and winged, then when Dean walked into the area he started throwing a tantrum! So Dean walked out and he got worse, but I managed to convince him to behave so that Daddy could watch his lesson again. He still won’t put his head in the water unless he does it accidentally when jumping in. He was great at it as a baby, but hates it now. Hopefully he will get over that in time. At least for the time being he is back to doing his lessons. We have started to give Jaz pocket money.

She now gets $1 a week if she cleans up after herself, so no leaving clothes on the floor, cleaning up her toys when she is finished with them, putting her PJ’s away, making her bed keeping her room tidy etc. If she doesn’t do it all she doesn’t get the full amount. She got 80c this week. LOL Last week she decided she was going to save for a Barbie, then it changed to a hoola hoop and this weekend she decided she was going to save for a tamagotchi pet. It will be interesting to see how she goes. We told her if she saved half of the more expensive items we would help her out with the cost. So far she has saved $3.80. She got $1 the first week, $2 from the tooth fairy for a tooth she lost recently and then the 80cents from this week. She is trying harder to clean up after herself so we will see how it goes. Hopefully she will improve and keep it up.