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Yes an Umbrella is a weapon and can cause the need for stitches!

This is SUCH a me thing to do, I can be such a klutz at times and this morning while getting out of the car, I managed to stab myself with a broken umbrella. If anyone is going to do something like that, it would be me! Such a dufus!

We could immediately see it was a pretty nasty gash in my leg so we packed the kids right back in the car and went straight to the doctors. They let me right in without an appointment, the look of shock on my face was enough to get them in there right away! LOL

So I now have three stitches in my leg and orders to stay of my feet for three days. We got lucky with the doctor on call today, it turns out Dean did a freebie couch repair for them, a small 10 minute job, so she was kind enough to bulk bill the visit which was very sweet of her. So I got all patched up and a tetnus shot at no charge, which was awfully nice of her! I said to her, well there you go, good karma! What goes around comes around. She said she still felt guilty for not paying for the repair. LOL She might feel better about it now at least.

I am still laughing at myself for such a stupid freak accident. Needless to say that broken umbrella is no longer on the floor of the car, but in the wheelie bin!