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Drama Queen!

It is not as if we didn’t already know it, but yes our daughter is a major drama queen!

We have this head lice prevention spray as both our kids got a bout of head lice recently thanks to some of Jasmine’s classmates. We got rid of them thankfully and have been using a head lice prevention spray on their hair in the hopes of preventing them from getting another bout of it from other kids at school.

Anyway, it has tea tree oil in it and really gets up your nose when you spray it and so she always carries on a bit when it happens as do I a little as it gets up my nose too.

Anyway, today I sprayed her hair with detangle spray as her hair was wet and tangled and she started carrying on the way she does when I use the head lice spray! Huffing and puffing and screwing up her nose and carrying on.. until I pointed out that it was detangle spray and NOT head lice spray.

So I made some fun of her being a drama queen and she then hammed it up even more. Carrying on and pretending to be offended that I called her a Drama Queen!

I just HAD to take note of this because I so need to do a layout and didn’t want to forget!