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Wow it has been a long time!

You may have noticed I stopped posting my design posts to this blog and the reason is I just hadn't been doing any personal posts. I really just did not have a lot to say and I guess a bit overwhelmed with dealing with my auto immune issues. It didn't seem right to have only design posts on this blog, which is supposed to be my personal blog!

Things are going a bit better now in that regard because the kids are now catching the bus to school which is not only giving me more time, but more energy! Driving them to school in the big cumbersome van was really an ordeal for me and I often needed a nap afterwards! Thankfully we now have a new (to us) car and it is so much easier to drive and doesn't tire me out near as much. So when I do need to do the school runs I don't get quite so exhausted! Another plus of the kids taking the bus is with the extra energy I am able to get more designing done. WAHOO!!! Gotta love that!

I am thinking this blog is looking a bit dated so I will have to update it at some point and I am hoping to start posting more too! I guess with facebook, being able to post stuff there, I don't feel as much like posting to my blog, but I really should!

We had to put our cat Vincent down last week. He was 17 and in so much pain from arthritis his teeth and also incontinent and just not happy anymore, so we finally had to make the decision to put him down. I did a quick layout of him that night.

Polly seems to be missing him too. She hasn't been herself the last week. We are all keen to get another kitten now!

I have also found a new fun hobby and have become addicted! I have the hipstamatic app for my iphone and I absolutely love taking photos with it. The effects it creates are so cool and fun! I am thinking about doing P365 with it soon because it is so much easier to take cool photos of ordinary things. I am planning on posting some of those photos to this blog in future as well.