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The 4 year old mind boggles

I was running late for work this morning, got the kids in the car and hopped in the drivers seat. I looked up at the rear vision mirror and it was GONE!!! Yes GONE!

WHAT THE! The first thing that crossed my mind is that someone was playing a prank, then thought, maybe it has fallen off and started looking around the car, on the floor etc.

Finally when I start to get cranky Kyan pipes up, have a look in there Mummy (pointing at the glove box). I open the glove box and lo and behold there is the rear vision mirror!


Then I remember seeing Kyan walking inside with Dean’s car keys. Dean had let him take the keys out to the car so he could get something out of it… and the penny drops.

Kyan LOVES playing in the car and pretending to drive it.. no more letting him get things out of the car on his own, that is for sure!!!

Anyway, so I ask Kyan ‘How do you know it was in there?’. He looks at me and says with perfect innocence, ‘I don’t Know?’.

So I ask him, ‘Did you put it in there?’. With equal perfect innocence he says…’No’.

I tell him I think he did put it in there and he looks at me dumbfounded as if he can’t work out how I could possibly figure it out that he put it in there…at that point I just had to get going so put it back on and I left it at that, explaining to him the importance of the rear vision mirror as we drove on….

Ugh..4 year old boys!!!!