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Last night we were sitting down having dinner and Jasmine asked me, ‘Can you go to jail for hurting someone?’. I said yes you can but it depends how you hurt them. I asked her why she asked and it seems a boy in her grade at school has been bugging her a fair bit.  She says he has been following her around and spying on her. She says she sees him do it. She said that yesterday he told her he was going to hurt her badly! She seemed quite worried that he might try and hurt her.

I always worry that she might not tell us when something like this happens so I am glad she did. Dean thinks he just has a crush on her or something, which is quite possible, but all the same, it is not acceptable behaviour. She said she has told him before to talk to the hand because the face don’t care, and that sticks and stones may break her bones, etc. but it hasn’t been working. This time we have told her to ignore him from now on, because without a reaction he will soon get bored of treating her that way.

So this morning I had a quick chat with the teacher to let her know what was going on. She was really good about it and said she was going to talk to both Jasmine and the boy in question and his teacher and get to the bottom of it. So I guess we will see what happens over the next day or so.

She is only in grade 1! Why do I get the feeling that she is going to attract this kind of behaviour all through school??? Poor poppet! She is such a concientious little girl who would never treat anyone that way herself. Oh well, that is school kids for you!