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Mud-Lucious! RAK

There was a request on the DST forums for some wordart with the following quote.

“The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.”

I thought why not it is a great quote and I love wordart!

Anyway, here is the layout Julie did with it, doesn’t it look fabulous! Click on the thumbnail to go to the image in her gallery.


Anyway, I thought I would offer up the wordart as a RAK to anyone who wanted it.

You will need the username free and password mudlucious to access the download. Grab it soon as I will be removing it in a few days. Click on this link to download.

I am on a roll…

I can’t remember the last time I got this many layouts done!

Here are a couple. Unfortunatley we felt the need to blur out the bath one but you get the idea. I am happy to email it to family members.

Just click on them to see the full size version..



I used a background which you can barely see from my Eclectic Inspiration kit available at Clikchic Designs as well as my Grunge Me Brushes for Rag Curls and my Sea Biscuit Kit and Grunge Me brushes for Splish Splash.

My bits in a Scrapbooking Creations article..

I am a bit excited, one of our creative team members at has had a digiscrapping article published in issue 41 of the Scrapbooking Creations magazine which is out now.

In the article she uses some products from the store and has all the credits listed. She used some of my brushes from my GRUNGE ME! range of brushes as well as element from my Eclectic inspiration kit.
Anyway, Congratulations Pauline for a really well compiled article, a STUNNING layout and a HUGE thank you for crediting us!

Here is a bit of a scan of the intro (p.80), you will have to buy the mag to read the full article! πŸ˜‰


Latest Kit – Sea Biscuit

Wow it feels good to be creating again. I have really missed it and have taken advantage of my Easter Holidays to do a kit.

This is my latest kit Sea Biscuit

I also did another kit a week or two ago, of Grunge Brushes and also one of Grunge Overlays. Both are ok for commercial use. I had fun with the Grunge brushes to create Sea Biscuit!

Jasmine’s First Day

I am a bit late in doing this layout but I finally managed it!

Jaz is really enjoying prep! She still gets really tired at night but she is no longer falling asleep on the couch before bedtime! Well most of the time she isn’t at least!

She is loving making lots of new friends and having lots of new activities every day. She is getting used to after school care now too and making more and more friends there.

Kyan is also adjusting really well to Daycare. I no longer have to carry him in and hand him to one of the teachers. He is now happy to walk straight into the classroom and really doesn’t care if I kiss him goodbye or not. On Friday I had to chase after him to give him a kiss!

Anyway, here is the layout. I did it it with my Cheeky Monkey and Flourish kits available at the Clikchic Designs store.


Resume Album

Before I started getting stuck into my next kit I wanted to finish of a set which I had started just before I started my new job. I never had time to finish it off before Christmas so I have taken advantage of my holiday time to get it done.

This album is inspired by my own resume which got me my fabulous job! Have I mentioned how much I love my new job? A good thing as I am still missing designing! I have designed it both in A4 for the Aussies and 8.5″x11″ for the North Americans and anyone else who might use that as their standard paper size. πŸ˜‰ Click on the preview below to go to the kits in store and view additional previews.


Ok, here is my latest layout! The colours were inspired by the photo which have in turn inspired the beginnings of my next kit. So this layout is also a sample of what is to come in my next kit! It feels good to be designing again! I have really missed it!


I am so proud of my little man. As cheeky as he is he just has the most adorable little personality. He certainly has his moments of course, particularly when he is short on sleep or unwell, but for the most part he is a pure delight. He has been just lovely today, giving me lots of generous cuddles and in a wonderfully happy mood. He has been singing and carrying on today which has been rather cute.. now if only I could stop him from throwing every pen and pencil we own on the floor… what can I say.. despite his delightful nature.. he still is very CHEEKY!

Merry Christmas and a Fabulous New Year!

Ok, so this is a tad late.. the silly season has kept us more than busy and so my intentions to post a little more regularly has gone awry for the time being. Fingers crossed as our routine with my new role as full time working Mum will continue to smooth out to allow me a little more free time!

Christmas was a lot of fun this year. Jaz is right into the Santa thing! Kyan would not go near him so this year’s Santa photo was sans Kyan!


Christmas Day was a lot of fun. We were at my parents house and my cousin and her partner & friend were visiting from Holland. Everytime a present was retrieved from the tree Kyan would pipe up my turn my turn, or my present my present. The kids were thoroughly spoilt again this year. We keep telling ourselves we will not do it next year but it is so hard not to. You add bits and pieces as you see them in the shops over time and before you know it there are TONS.
Jasmine’s Elina Barbie was a much wanted gift and a big favourite amongst many others. Kyan was rather keen on anything Wiggles, including Jasmine’s Wiggles Scrapbook album! His Wiggles Books and Guitar were probably favourites tho.
Jasmine’s birthday is coming up on the 24th so I will try and pick up some of the things she wanted but didn’t get for Christmas if we haven’t got too much already (I need to check what we have already!). I have a suspicious feeling however that we already have her quota! She is really keen on having a flute or recorder and also wants a musical jewelery box which I have already picked up for her. She is also keen on the idea of having a Kite. Anyway.. despite the fact she still wants more I think she got way more than she expected for Christmas. The thing she wanted most was the Elina Barbie and she didn’t want to ask for anything else for fear that she didn’t get the Barbie.
I have booked Jasmine’s birthday party. She wanted a Fairy Party at the Fairy Shop. I must get the invitations organised! πŸ˜‰
I am thoroughly enjoying my holiday. I feel so spoilt having 2 weeks off when I have only been at my job for 2 months. I have the kids with me for the rest of the week and we all start back on Monday. I have been enjoying lots of cuddles but can’t believe I had already forgotten what the constant wanting, needing and chatter was like! LOL I have even been missing work would you believe!
I have taken lots of photos over the break but have yet to scrap any but one of them. I will post that one shortly.
Anyway, I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and here’s to an amazing 2007!


With all the stuff going on around here I never got around to announcing the release of my most recent kit!

I LOVE the colours of this kit and I was amazed at how quick I pulled this one together! Even tho it came together quickly it is one of my favourites! It is always the way, sometimes you are just in the groove and it all just comes together.

Anyway, here it is! Click on the preview below to go to the kit in store!

Lots of Changes

It has been a while since I posted an entry in my blog and lots has been happening so I thought I had better post an update!

I started my new job about 4wks ago now and I am settling in nicely I think! I am really enjoying working there and the partners are great to work for and the staff all seem lovely!I have picked up things fairly quickly but there is still more for me to learn. The partner who was training me has been away for a few weeks so the rest of my training is on hold for a bit.

Melbourne cup day was fabulous. Every year they have a Melbourne cup lunch at around 12.30 and then we have champagne and chicken and then watch the Melbourne cup. After that we went back to work but one of the partners invited us to the pub so quite a few of us left work and went to the pub instead! πŸ˜‰

Yesterday we had the annual golf day. It is a social event between the staff and clients. The clients get to play a round of golf with some of the partners and staff and the rest of the staff run the sausage sizzle, novelty holes and wine and cheese hole! πŸ˜‰ It was a really fun day where clients and staff alike had drinks and a fun time! πŸ˜‰ There was slushie machine going or should I see sloshie (vodka cocktails were to be had) and I was at the wine and cheese hole handing out wine, beer, and keeping the cheese platters topped up.

It really was a lot of fun and I am really looking forward to next years! πŸ˜‰

It is hard being away from the kids all day, I really miss them but it makes the time we do have together all that more precious. I am enjoying being around adults again tho.

Kyan is settling into his new kindy really well and Jaz is getting there. There are still many mornings she gets really upset and does not want to go but ends up having a great day. I suspect it might be because she loves her Pre-prep so much that being anywhere else is not quite as stimulating for her. It is so heartbreaking to see her getting so worked up in the mornings but I am discovering getting her to focus on the good points rather than the bad helps. She seems to worry alot about ‘making friends’ even tho she already has a few there! She may take after her father and be a bit of a worrier! So we are working on helping her concentrate more on positive things and less on negative. It seems to make a difference a lot of the time but sometimes there is just nothing you can do. She just freaks out until you get there. Once I am gone she seems to settle ok tho.

At least it is only a couple more months till she starts Prep. Hopefully she will settle in there much better with some of her Pre-prep friends going to the same school.

It is rather full on being a working Mum and we are still trying to get our routine sorted out. It doesn’t help that we have been away for several weekends and it makes it tough to get stuff done. I would really like to have a cleaner a couple of hours a week to do some of the household duties or even an ironing lady would be a great help, especially when Dean is still working long hours. It is really hard getting everything done that needs doing, but Dean is dead set against the idea. :-( Another thing that has been hard is that I am still anemic making me tired all the time, on top of getting used to working full time etc. I have to go back to the doc next week and I suspect I will end up having some more tests done.

With all these extra stressors, something has had to give and I have had to make the difficult decision to sell Clikchic Designs. I have put my heart and soul into that website, and as much as I hate to see it go, at this point it is also a relief as I just have too much on my plate. Thankfully I was able to sell it to one of our team members, Kirsty and we made the announcement and did the main handover today. I will still be around to help her learn the ropes a bit more and will be staying on the team as a designer. I can’t give that up as I enjoy it too much! And it is something i can do when I have the time, instead of having to do it every spare moment i can find. Kirsty loves the site as much as I do and I know she will do an amazing job as the new owner!

I used the money to buy myself a new laptop. At least I was able to put the money towards something that I can use to continue my hobby with! πŸ˜‰ When we go to visit my parents at the coast now, and they are watching football or cricket or something equally boring on the telly, I can still sit with them and scrap to my hearts content, joining in on the festivities but not being bored with the entertainment! LOL

One fabulous thing about my new job is that they shut for two weeks over Christmas.. so that means I am guaranteed a holiday every Christmas! YEAH! This christmas we are having our first real holiday more than a few days in several years and it is going to be HEAVEN to enjoy ourselves over Christmas! AND I can take my fabulous new laptop with me! He he

Anyway, I had best get some jobs done..we have had lots of changes around here but slowly but surely we are settling into it all. Dean has certainly stopped stressing quite as much about money.. now if I can only get him to work a bit less!

That Face!

Jasmine started pulling this face when she was 1 and it had us in hysterics every time! I designed this kit specifically for this photo.. a little while ago now and have finally scrapped it! I did it with my Beans and Spaghetti kit and Alphaghetti and Sauce Alpha Set. I also did some grunging up with my Grunge Me Brushes.


Journalling is as follows…

You thought it was so wonderful to get such a huge reaction that you decided to do it more often, and it became your favourite party trick when we had Oma and Opa or Grandma and Grandpa over for dinner.

Whenever you tried your new trick it was bound to bring fits of laughter all round. You were just 14mths old but loved all the extra attention your new trick brought. From that moment you loved to make people laugh by pulling faces and doing funny things. To this day you stil love to make people laugh, especially Kyan or your friends at Pre-Prep.
That Face of yours is one of those things I will never forget, and it seems Kyan is following in your footsteps as he too at the same age started doing Γ’β‚¬ΛœThe FaceÒ€ℒ.


I have put together a new brush set. (photoshop brushes) + pngs I have been wanting to do this one for quite a while and finally I managed to make some time to do it!

I have decided to make this one ok for commercial use, as I know how much I love using grunge brushes on my kits. I figure there will other designers out there who like to do the same! Anyway, click on the preview to go direct to the set in store. There are more details about the kit there.

Grunge Me! - brushes by Robyn Gough

Most Embarrasing Moment..

Ok, I am going to bear all since I have done another layout.. one of these days I must get some done of my KIDS! They are the whole reason I took up scrapbooking, but we keep having challenges that are about ourselves so that is what I end up scrapbooking. My latest kit, Eclectic Inspiration is perfect for layouts about Jaz, so I must do some of her, and a few more of Kyan.. I need to do another boy kit!

Anyway, I used Eclectic Inspiration for my latest layout. We had a team challenge to scrap our most embarrasing moment, I have had others that may even be more embarrasing but they escape me at the moment…probably a good thing!

Anyway, here it is..


Click on the layout to view the journalling at the CD Gallery.