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DSP’s Gold Coast Laptop Crop

I am back at my day job today after having a wonderful time at the Gold Coast for 4 days!

On Thursday I drove to Brisbane to pick up Margie, Allen, Lauren and Erica from the airport and take them to the Gold Coast.

Lauren very kindly uploaded this photo without photoshopping me first! I can’t believe how much weight I have gained on the cortisone! Scary! :-(

Erica, Lauren, Allen, Margie and Me

 It was absolutely wonderful to be able to meet my online work mates in person and get to know them in real life rather than just online.

Once we finally got to the Gold Coast we checked in and went in search of some lunch. We went to Billy Baxters on Caville Ave. We headed back to the hotel afterwards to settle into our rooms and then afterwards enjoyed a wonderful Buffett meal in the Hotel Restaurant.

On Thursday afternoon we had a wonderful time on the pre-crop Photo Walk. It was soo much fun getting to meet so many DSP members in the flesh all at once.

I took a few pics on the photo walk, I think I took more pics of the DSP’ers than I did of the scenery!

Here are a few of the photos I took on the walk.


Here are some picks from the Laptop Crop itself.

We had lots of fun scrapping and getting to know each other a little better and helping each other learn more about our craft! There was even a bit of line dancing involved, or should we say digidancing?? There were lots of prizes to be had with one lucky winner winning the Wacom Bamboo Fun Graphics Tablet!

I think the Wacom rep did quite well selling lots of tablets! I was a little naughty and couldn’t resist the wonderful deal he was offering and bought an Intuos 4! I can’t wait till it arrives!

I will have some more exciting news to share, but for now my lips are sealed.. stay posted and you will find out in good time. 😉

At the DSP Gold Coast Laptop Crop

I am currently at the Gold Coast Laptop crop and having a wonderful time. It is so much fun getting to know so many DSP’ers all at once, in person!

I have lots of photos, but my laptop is being hidiously slow uploading the huge raw files so I will have to wait till I get home to upload them with the card reader.

We had lots of fun on the photo walk yesterday, scrapping paparazzi central!!!

I have also got some exciting news to share but I am going to keep you all in suspense for a little while longer.

I am missing my kids & Dean terribly, I have never been away from the kids for such a long time.

Thank goodness I have had so much good company to keep me busy and my mind off missing the family!!!

Not long now! & mini update

I have just spent the day uploading kits to DSP, not long now and they will be making their debut at the store. I just can’t wait for them to hit the shelves! 😉 My kits will be in the store on the 15th US time, so stay tuned for my announcement of their arrival! 😉

A little update on my health, as per my rhematologists instructions, I reduced my prednisone dosage by a quarter of a tablet a bit over a week ago. I have to say I am noticing the difference, I had back stiffness, and joint pain today and I feel asleep on the couch because I was so exhausted this afternoon. I was waiting to see if it was just me being back at work making me tired again, but today has been my worst day so far. I did a small amount of tidying up and I was exhausted. I started having a flare up last night, starting with tell tale itching, and this morning the joint pain, and this afternoon exhaustion.

So I am going to email my rhematologist this week and see if I can go back up to the original dose, as I felt great on that, apart from a couple of days over Christmas where there was humid & rainy weather, which have always been my worst days. I still feel better than prior to prednisone, but I hope he will think it is ok to go back up to the original dose.

Now, I am buggered, so off to bed for me! 😉

Moving Stores

The news is now public knowledge so I can now announce it to the world. I have been offered a designing position at Digital Scrapbook Place. DSP was my first digiscrapping home and so I am very excited to announce that I will be designing there in the new year. DSP is one of the best digital scrapbook sites out there and has always felt like home to me so I am SO proud to be coming on board as part of the team. It really is a dream come true for me!

I will be exclusive to DSP so as per my previous post, that means I will be shutting down the store and my store at SBE will be closing soon as well. A sale announcement will be coming soon.

So stay tuned for my announcement as to when my designs will be available at!

A Couple of Layouts

Dean did his first Half Marathon last weekend which I thought was pretty impressive! I have done a layout with pics of him crossing the finish line. Poor fella was absolutely knackered, but hammed it up for the finish.

Here is one of me. I had an interview with SBE as I am designer of the month this month there. (25% off selected products!) They asked for a layout of me and I hadn’t done one for a while, so here is my latest about me layout.

Both of these layouts were done with Funkified, now available at

On the health front, I had an appointment with a rheumatologist earlier this month. He doesn’t think it is lupus as he said I don’t have enough of the symptoms, however at this stage he thinks the most likely diagnosis is Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, which is another auto-immune disorder, not necessarily much better. (Lupus is a connective tissue disease) I have to have a bunch more blood tests done, many of which I haven’t had done before and see him again in 6wks so STILL no answers which I find very frustrating!

Mixed connective tissue disease from what i have read is an auto-immune disorder with a combination of symptoms from various connective tissue diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritus, scleroderma and polymoysitis. Apparently it can develop into one or more of the other connective tissue diseases later on in the progression of the disease.

Anyway, there are a huge number of blood tests I have to have done so hopefully I will have a more firm diagnosis in 6wks time. At least we are getting closer to finding out what is wrong. I have been a fair bit better the last few days, so I am waiting till I have another flare before I have the blood tests done.



Go Confidently

I thought I would share a layout of my darling 6 year old daughter.

I have used my new Faux Lomo and Dreamy Photo Actions on her photo, although some of the Faux Lomo effect has been cropped afterwards. The kit and wordart is a little sneak peak of a grab bag that will be appearing in store at SBE very soon! Stay tuned for it’s release! It will have 4 juicy products at a nice teeny price! 😉 It is a bit exciting to be releasing my very first solo grab bag!

Anyway, here is the layout…I just go soft inside every time I look at her. 😉 I am SO lucky!

Layout Share and Update



I did this layout with my Serendipity Freebie that I did for the LDD Apprentice Program and the swirly heart is from my round three entry. Unfortunately I didn’t make it through to round 4 thanks to a silly error on my part. DOH! A bit of a shame as I would have loved to make it through to the final round but I guess now life gets back to normal. 😉 I joined in to get the creative juices flowing again and it certainly helped with that! 😉 I have a professional use glitter style and pattern set due to go in store at SBE Sunday week as well as a second Canvas Inspirations set. I am revamping my doodle kit that I had submitted to the LDD apprentice program and will get that in store soon at SBE also.


As soon as I can decide on which picture to use I am going to scrap the conversation the kids had the other day also.  I don’t want to forget that one!


Which reminds me,  really need to do some backing up, I haven’t done any in months!


I hope you are all having a lovely Good Friday. Jaz really wanted to go to church to see what it was like and so Dean took her today. She was excited to see her best friends from school were there but as I suspected she found it pretty boring. She really is still way to young for it. Maybe at some stage Dean can take her when they have a Sunday School class on and she might find that more interesting. She is really fascinated with religion at the moment, I think because they are doing weekly RE at school.


We both really want her to learn enough so that she can make her own decision when she is old enough so we both make a concerted effort to not push her either way, but just tell her what we believe and what some other people believe. I stuggle with it sometimes to keep my explanations neutral. Dean is better at that than me! She does love learning all the bible stories though and that is fine, I did too at her age at school.


Anyway, enough rambling, it is late, must be why! :-) That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Round Three Entry, Layout & Update

Here is my round three entry for the Little Dreamer Apprentice Program. This weeks assignment was to do doodles.


Here is a layout of Jaz which I did with my kit, Serendipity. (available Sunday at SBE)


This photo was taken on her 6th Birthday. Her top tooth had fallen out only a short time before the photo was taken. Her adult tooth is about half way through now and the second one is becoming wobbly.

Kyan is at last getting the hang of toilet training. He did not have nappies on during the day at all this weekend and he did not have a single accident. He has also started doing poos on the potty as well which up until Friday he refused to do. He says he is a big boy now and thinks he doesn’t need his car seat anymore. LOL (doesn’t help that we got rid of Jasmine’s booster because she is getting so tall.)

I had my visit with the specialist today. So far I am none the wiser. They for some reason didn’t do the gene testing even tho they took the blood for it, so I had the blood drawn for that test again today. My lactose enzyme levels had improved a little and went from zero to 20 which apparently is still very low. My biopsy also showed improvement but apparently this does not mean anything as the damage shown on the original biopsy could have been from a gastric infection.

He now wants me to go off some medication I am on to see if it improves some of my gastric symptoms and I have to do that for 6wks. Then I have to go back and see him and have a ‘chat’ about the possiblity of doing a gluten challenge. For now I have to stay off the gluten, so no hot cross buns for me this year! BUGGER! I was so hoping to have some! So all up, no real answers and all very dissappointing because it still seems like there is no progress.

On the bright side, I have a referral to Dr Claire Boothroyd (Endocrinologist)  in Brisbane, so maybe she can shed some light on what on earth is going on with my body.

Made it to Round Three & General Update

How exciting, I made it to Round Three in the Little Dreamer Designs Apprentice Program. This was my entry for round two that got me through. We had to make one metal element, one glitter element, a stitched element and a free choice one plus one of the elements with a shadow.


The set will be included in my new kit Serendipity available at SBE on Sunday 8 April.

Last week was such a busy week with my birthday last Wednesday and Kyan’s on Monday. I was really pushing it to get my entry done! Kyan had his birthday party on Sunday which was a lot of fun. I will have to post some photos as soon as I get a chance to upload them from the camera. I think Grandpa will enjoy the photo of him on his new drum set! 😉 He had a lovely time on his new bike at his party which we had at a local park with bike tracks. We were amazed at how quickly he got the hang of it! Kyan was very distraught on Tuesday morning when he asked us and we told him that no it wasn’t his birthday anymore. He was very much loving having two days of receiving presents!

With Kyan now being 3 he seems to have taken a big step with his potty training. He is now coming home from kindy every day in the same clothes so he is no longer having accidents there. He has started waking up dry from naps as well so I think we can start letting him wear undies for his day naps. He still will not do poo’s on the potty and won’t let you take his nappy off in the morning if he thinks he needs to do one. So we are still working on that. Jaz was the same when she was toilet training, hated doing poos on the potty. I still have to take him to kindy in a nappy because he will often do a poo on the way, but he gets changed into undies once he is there.

Jasmine is SO loving school and learning so many new words. Each night she has to read us a book for homework and she really does well at it. They have moved her up to the advanced reading group which she is very proud of as are we!

Her swimming lessons have also paid off as she is one of the few in her class at school who can swim proper freestyle. Kyan’s swimming has not been going so well. We have had to pull him out of his class as he was getting hysterical. We just can’t work it out as he was doing SO well last term. He loved it, but for some reason not anymore. We might give him a break from it and try again at a later date. We both think it is very important for them to learn to swim properly so we will keep at it.

My health issues are still a mystery. There is now some doubt as to whether or not I am a Coeliac. Of course I now have my hopes up that I am not and that I can discontinue this awful diet. I had some testing done nearly two weeks ago and I will get the results on Monday. After a ‘chat’ with the specialist we will decide on whether I need to do a gluten challenge or not which involves going back on the gluten and having another biopsy done to check for new damage. I am so hoping that the gene testing that they did will show that I cannot be Coeliac since I don’t have the gene, but then of course we will need to find the reason for my extreme tiredness, anemia and other health issues. Apart from the tiredness my most annoying symptom at present is frequent and horribly embarrassing sweating (and night sweats) with very minimal exertion or increased temperature. At least my joint pains seem to have eased quite a bit and I now only get them occasionally instead of daily. At the moment I think I would be in heaven if I could only wake up in the mornings and feel like I have some energy to take the day on.

Dean has been a real trooper around the house making up for my lack of energy where he can. I feel so guilty and worry that people will think me a hypocondriac but Dean says you can see on my face by how pale I am that all is not right with me. Good to know I am not making it up! LOL Dean does however at the moment have a bout of bronchitus but is on antibiotics now so that together with the day off he had yesterday should clear it up pretty quick with any luck.  Thankfully the kids are over their bouts of illnesses!

Anyway, thanks for reading my ramblings! I do go on sometimes don’t I!

Canvas Impressions

Have been meaning to post this since last weekend but have been flat out this week! It was my birthday on Wednesday and Kyan’s birthday is on Monday and we are having his birthday party Sunday so there is lots to do!

Anyway, here is my latest paper pack, meant as both papers and something you can have printed and framed or printed onto canvas. I plan on having some printed on canvas when we move into our new house to decorate. (we don’t have one yet but are looking!)

Anyway, this one is my first set and I have another in the works. The photos for these were taken by me in some local gardens. I LOVE spring in this city. Click on the preview below to go direct to the set at SBE and view the bigger previews.

If you haven’t done so, don’t forget to snag this freebie at Little Dreamer Designs. It is available there for the duration of the Apprentice Program which is throughout March. You do need to be a registered user to access the freebie from their gallery, just click on the preview to go to the freebie. There are heaps of other freebies there as well so snag them while you are there!



LDD Apprentice Program & update on Oma

Firstly I just wanted to update you all on my Oma. She has made a miraculous recovery. She had an infection that went into her blood but once her antibiotics kicked in she made a huge improvement. She is still very fragile at 92 years of age so she is doing so well to get this far! It is her birthday tomorrow, so they are going to have a big celebration in her room which is lovely. Wish I could be there!

Now for my exciting news!

I submitted an entry into the Little Dreamer Designs Apprentice Program. Mostly for the fun of it, inspiration and because I love a good bit of competition. (it runs in the family!) There were over 140 entries and only 40 made it through to the second round and I was lucky enough to be one of them, so I am very excited.

It will be fun to take part but I am going to be very busy! If you want to check out my entry you can see it here. If you wish to view all the entries, click here. Each of the entries are Freebies you can download, so make sure you at the very least download mine. 😉 I would love to see your layouts with it too! If you post layouts with the Freebies in the LDD gallery you can win a $10 voucher to the LDD store so make sure you check it out! There is some gorgeous stuff in that store as well as the apprentice gallery!

Layout Shares

I have a layout I did AGES ago of Kyan and Dean but never got around to uploading it. The photo was taken at Jasmine’s 5th birthday party.




Anyway, I used my Grunge Me Brushes sets for this layout to create the grunge brushwork, and the background is from Seabiscuit.

I did this one the other night, it is one of a series of photos I took for our family Christmas cards.


The background is from a kit I am working on, not yet finished. The grunge overlay is from my Grunge Me Effects Overlays set.

I made the flower element and word art especially for the layout.


Kit Catchup

I haven’t posted my released kits for a while so I thought I would do a bit of a catchup.

At the start of October, WOW has it really been that long! EEEK!, I released Photoshop Brushes, Custom Shapes and PNG set of Swirls & Curls. Great for adding popular swirls to all your layouts and kits in all sorts of ways. The set is available for personal or professional use. (image clickable)

 With Autumn recently in the USA I released also an Autumn/Fall themed kit in October,  Falling Into Autumn.

Also available in a paper pack!

With Christmas rapidly approaching I have also been working on some Christmas kits. I released a wordart set last month perfect for all your Christmas layouts and Christmas cards.

Unfortunately thanks to several gluten contaminations I haven’t been able to yet complete my Christmas kit,  but I am still working on it and HOPEFULLY I will get it done BEFORE Christmas! LOL Fingers Crossed! At least I managed to get a couple of papers done for it already and have used those for our Christmas cards which look like they will be going out late again this year! Will have to get down to the photo lab Monday and pick them up! :-) Aussies should get them in time, hopefully all our overseas friends and relatives still will if I am quick about it! :-)

Anyway, those are my works since my last kit post.. hopefully my gluten contaminations will become more under control in future and I will be fitter and healthier and subsequently have time to do more kits and enjoy the family!



Anyone who knows me well knows that my favourite flower is the tulip. Partly because of my dutch background, and partly because they are so darn pretty, especially when they are my favourite colour! Anyway, the weekend before last we went to the park for the kids to have a play and for me to take some photos for designing with. I ended up taking photos just because moreso than for designing with! Who knows I may still create something with the tulips yet tho.

twotulips.jpg threetulips.jpg tulips-web.jpg

Click on the thumbnails to see the full size version.


I also did this layout of one of the photos, I blended the main photo into the background and softened the edges of the photo. The background is from my For The Blokes kit.




And here another PINK layout shock horror of Jaz…





I am in the process in creating a brush pack at the moment and in between decided to do a layout. These photos of Jasmine were taken the same day as the tulips. You might have noticed the tulips in the bottom left. I created a brush out of one of the photos I took and used it on the layout, I thought it added to the feel of the layout nicely! If I can find enough suitable photos I might make a brush pack out of the flower photos as well.


The wordart is from my Love Me Wordart set, the top left flourish is from the set I am working on at the moment, the background set is from my Ala Pink kit, the daisy from my Fabbo Funky Flowers and the grungy frame is from my For The Blokes kit, I recoloured it from black to white for this layout. I used blend modes a fair bit here, to blend the right photo of Jaz into the background and on most things on this page including the daisy and wordart.


Sigh, my heart just melts when I look at these photos of her. :-)

New Kits, New Layout……

I have been busy busy and have done two new kits, as well as a layout! Not sure where I am squeezing in the time but am fitting it in there somehow!

I hadn’t done a masculine themed kit for a while so I thought it was time I did one. I needed more kits to scrap Kyan with!

My latest kit at SBE is – For The Blokes.

I am really loving these colours together, great for both boy and girl layouts! :-) Here is my latest layout done with this kit. Kyan insisted on waiting at the fence yesterday for Dean to arrive home. He seemed convinced if he only wated at the fence his Daddy would drive right up, it took a bit of convincing that he would still be a while and that he should wait at the window inside! Anyway, he looked so cute waiting there I took a pic before getting him to come inside.


And my latest Wordart Set – Love Me Wordart now also available at SBE

Ok, spilling the beans

Ok, I can spill the beans since I see my name has been added! 😉

Some of you may not find this all that interesting, but others will. :-) I have been offered a position as designer at Scrapbook Elements! Yeah! I am a bit excited! Unfortunately I have to resign from Designs in Digital to start selling at Scrapbook elements as I just don’t have the time to do both, however, it is a wonderful opportunity too good to pass up! :-)

Over the coming days/weeks I will be removing my kits from DID and adding them to my store at Scrapbook Elements. I will be repackaging and revamping as I go to go with the change so check out the store for the uploads as they become available! :-)

For those of you who are not familiar with Scrapbook Elements, it is a digital scrapbooking site, but not just any, it is ranked number one on the Digital Scrapbooking Topsites list and gets thousands and thousands of hits a day. There are heaps of very talented top designers in the store and I am so proud to be joining them! :-)

Are you on the edge of your seats?

He he… 😉

I have some exciting digiscrapping news to share, but unfortunately I will have to wait a few more days before I can share it! All I can say is change is a happening and I am a touch excited, I will be sure to add an update as soon as I am able to spill the beans!

Big Boy

Finally I have done another layout of Kyan.. I don’t know what it is but I just find it easier to scrap girl layouts than boy layouts..perhaps because I am more into girl colours I don’t know.

Anyway, here is a layout of my little man, the swirls are brushes from my Ala Pink kit and the background paper is from an unfinished kit I am working on. The grunge brushwork around the photo is from my Grunge Me Grunge Brushes set.


The journalling is as follows…

I took You and Jasmine
both outside to show you
a pretty pink sunset.
Jasmine decided for the
first time that she
wanted to try climbing
a tree. So of course you
HAD to do the same. You
adore your big Sister
and do your best to be
just like her. Even
trying very hard to
climb a tree that is at
2 years old still a bit
beyond your amazing 2
year old abilities.
Thankfully once I took
a photo of you next to the
tree you were content
enough with such an
Right now you insist you
are a girl just like your
sister, but you just love
doing your best at being

New Kit and Layout – First Lost Tooth


Finally I have done another layout, I have been meaning to scrap this one for a while. Jaz with her adorable gap! How cute is she?? She lost her first tooth last month. The new one is already half way grown!

I created this layout with my latest kit, Ala Pink available at I have also done Paper and Embellishment separates for those of you who prefer them that way.