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Who am I? I am Robyn (aka clikchic). I have a wonderful hubby and two darling children. I am an admin manager, digiscrapping designer, accounts manager for our upholstery business and the list goes on! LOL I am a hobbyist photographer and digiscrapping addict. I love doing layouts, designing kits and pretty much anything to do with photography and digital scrapbooking. I use Photoshop for my designs and LOVE it! It is so versatile and I am constantly learning new things on it. My puta and camera are my two most prized material possessions. I have a Canon EOS (Rebel) 300D and hopefully would like to get a higher model, but for now it will have to do me. ;-) I am itching to get a laptop so I can access my website etc away from home.. will have to save my pennies! ;-) Most of my posts will be about digital scrapbooking and our children. I have a lot of family in Europe so this is a great way to keep them up to date on happenings in our household. Thanks for stopping by! I hope to see you round here again soon! :-)

Long time between posts

It has once again been a long time between posts on this blog. I guess with facebook I don't feel as much need to update people on my blog. If you know me and would like to keep up with me on facebook, you can add me as a friend. My facebook profile is

With the weather warming up and being very up and down with lots of humid days I am finding my health is a lot of up and down. I don't do well on humid days and get a lot of pain prior to rain. Heat in general knocks around my energy levels as well. Air conditioning does provide some relief, but not entirely.

I woke up with a swollen face again this morning, which I haven't had for a long time. It is mostly around the neck and jawline that gets swollen and it restricts my breathing a bit and makes my voice hoarse. Dean says he can always tell by my voice when I have facial swelling. It is usually worst in the mornings when I get up and gradually lessens throughout the day. Well most of the time, today it doesn't seem to be improving much.

The kids have been home for the holidays and despite all their Christmas gifts have been getting quite bored. I think they are looking forward to going back to school in the new year. As much as I love having them home, boredom complaints do get a bit tiresome when there is sooo much they can do!

Between the constantly changing weather and the kids being home I haven't done much designing at all this month which is a shame. It keeps me sane! I have found myself reading a fair bit and needing a lot of naps which I am sure doesn't help with the kids boredom. I have however learnt that when I am feeling tired, it is best to give in and take that nap rather than push through the tiredness as it just makes things worse.

I have managed the odd scrapbook page which seem to be easier to do when I am not feeling as well as I can do them on my laptop on the couch. I can design some small things on my laptop, but prefer my faster desktop and bigger and more accurate screen to design kits on. That means of course I need to feel well enough to sit at my desk which I can usually do for no longer than an hour at a time even on my good days which seem to be fewer and further between of late! I am looking forward to winter when my energy levels increase a little.

I am feeling a bit housebound of late, but most of the time getting out of the house seems more effort than it is worth. A short trip to the shops results in my feeling shaky all over and spaghetti legs as if I have just run a marathon. I sweat till my hair is drenched and get really faint and of late even start to loose my hearing. It drains what little energy I have and I immediately need to go and have a nap when I get home. Crazy stuff! 

I am so grateful I can at least digital scrapbook and design even if it is sporadically. I also grateful that Dean is so understanding and the kids are great and although they do complain at times, help out around the house a fair bit. I always feel guilty that they have to do so much but tell myself at least they are learning life skills for when they eventually leave home.

Mind Blowing News…

I have so many emotions going through me right now I am really at a loss for words. I can say that the main ones are excitement and happiness. We got a letter in the mail this morning from our IVF clinic. Jasmine was an IVF baby and so was Jacob the baby we lost. He died at 18wks from a neural tube defect called anencephaly. We conceived Kyan a few months after naturally, and so had 13 embryo’s left over. We knew we weren’t going to have any more children so after much thought and contemplation and soul searching we decided to donate the embryo’s to someone who needs them to have children. After all we went through to have kids we wanted to help another couple conceive. 

Well as I said we got a letter in the mail from our IVF clinic, where we donated the embryos. The couple that were given the embryo’s successfully conceived and have given birth to a baby boy in July. The first thing that came to mind was that Jasmine and Kyan have a baby brother! 

The sad part is that we may never meet him, it will depend entirely on the couple and on what they choose to do. I am guessing they asked the clinic to let us know they had a baby with our embryo’s as if the couple do not want us to know anything, we will not get to find out. We may also have a knock on the door when the child is 18. Something I am really excited about the idea of. But that may also never happen. 

Anyway, I really needed to share, I am not sure when or how we will tell our kids. We WILL tell them, just not sure when, because both of them still miss Jacob and they never met him. It might be excruciating for them to know they have a brother out there but may never get to meet him. We may wait till they are a bit older and better able to handle the news. We are probably going to get some counselling to help us decide how best to handle it. The clinic offer that free to people who donate.

Missing Polly

Our beautiful cat has been missing since August 4. Polly is 11 months old, and was last seen in the Hodgson Vale area on the 4th of August. She is a black domestic short hair with a small white patch on her chest and belly. She wears a pink leather collar with the name Polly in diamante letters. We miss her badly and dearly want her home with us. Please call if you see her in the Hodgson Vale area.

I am slack!

I keep meaning to update my blog more but with facebook updates doing the job, I just don't seem to blog as much. It is so much easier to just update on facebook I guess. 

We have a new addition in the household and her name is Coco, she is 9wks old and pretty cute. She will be getting a little friend in a few weeks when she is old enough to be away from her Mum. Her little friends name is Pepper.


Polly is rather enamoured with her, either that or thinks she would be fun to 'play' with or maybe eat… She spends a lot of time watching Coco in her cage!

We have an outdoor hutch for them which they will both go in once Pepper arrives here. They will then mostly only come in for a cuddle or when it is cold. 

I have been having fun doing some photos with my hipstamatic app for my iphone. it creates some fun effects!

I love playing around with all the different lenses and effects. It's lots of fun!

Wow it has been a long time!

You may have noticed I stopped posting my design posts to this blog and the reason is I just hadn't been doing any personal posts. I really just did not have a lot to say and I guess a bit overwhelmed with dealing with my auto immune issues. It didn't seem right to have only design posts on this blog, which is supposed to be my personal blog!

Things are going a bit better now in that regard because the kids are now catching the bus to school which is not only giving me more time, but more energy! Driving them to school in the big cumbersome van was really an ordeal for me and I often needed a nap afterwards! Thankfully we now have a new (to us) car and it is so much easier to drive and doesn't tire me out near as much. So when I do need to do the school runs I don't get quite so exhausted! Another plus of the kids taking the bus is with the extra energy I am able to get more designing done. WAHOO!!! Gotta love that!

I am thinking this blog is looking a bit dated so I will have to update it at some point and I am hoping to start posting more too! I guess with facebook, being able to post stuff there, I don't feel as much like posting to my blog, but I really should!

We had to put our cat Vincent down last week. He was 17 and in so much pain from arthritis his teeth and also incontinent and just not happy anymore, so we finally had to make the decision to put him down. I did a quick layout of him that night.

Polly seems to be missing him too. She hasn't been herself the last week. We are all keen to get another kitten now!

I have also found a new fun hobby and have become addicted! I have the hipstamatic app for my iphone and I absolutely love taking photos with it. The effects it creates are so cool and fun! I am thinking about doing P365 with it soon because it is so much easier to take cool photos of ordinary things. I am planning on posting some of those photos to this blog in future as well.

Feeling better about things..

I thought I would post another update, I am going to try hard to keep up to date on my blog posting. I can't let my daughter show me up! It is school holidays at the moment and I started a new blog for her to give her something to do, and she is taking to it like a duck to water. I have lost count of how many posts she has done! It will be good practice for her writing skills and her typing skills and she seems to really be enjoying it!

I had my 3mthly appointment with my rheumatologist and he agreed to take me off the methotrexate. I feel so much better off it. My pain is slightly worse on it so far (could also be coincidence) but at least now I have a little more energy and can think straight! I am feeling much more hopeful about getting things done and doing more designing. I am glad to not be on such a toxic drug anymore as well.

The kids have been having a wonderful time over the holidays and are only just now starting to be at each others throats. We went to the movies to see Despicable Me in 3d and they LOVED it. They have also been playing with clay and making things out of clay to paint and put on display. Earlier in the holidays they made some sock puppets. They turned out really well and they had lots of fun making them.

I have been feeling quite well over the holidays, I think it is the extra sleep! Sleeping in seems to make a big difference for me and I don't need naps at all when I sleep a bit longer. I need to try harder to go to bed at a decent hour during the school term!

Kyan is growing up so fast and slowly stopping his tantrum throwing. He still throws the occasional tantrum when he is tired, usually over food, but they are fewer and farther between now thank goodness! He is becoming such a delightful and happy little boy and I am so proud of him.

Jasmine is heading fast into growing into a tween. Eeek! It is going way to fast for me, but she has a good head on her shoulders and is very sensible thank goodness. She is still thoroughly enjoying school and continues to get really good marks. I hope she keeps up her love of learning as her school years progress.

Dean is still working hard and I am grateful for how much he does. I can't believe we have been married for 16 years. What a milestone in today's day and age! I wish I could do more to help him around the house but maybe now I am off the methotrexate that will be a little easier.

Anyway, a bit of an update on all of us, it has been such a long time since I have done one of those!

Feeling Frustrated

It has been a long long time that I have written a personal post on this blog. I started a new blog at with the intention of using it for designing posts, and using this one for both designing and personal posts. The idea being, that those who didn't want to hear my drivel about my life could just subscribe to or read my other blog. However over the months I just haven't had a lot to say on a personal basis.

I think it is because I am just struggling with the day to day right now without knowing how to make things work. Some of you may remember way back when me mentioning that I was no longer working full time outside the home and would now be concentrating on designing. This was of course due to my illness making it impossible to work reliably on a day to day basis. With designing at least so I thought, I could at least work when I am well and take it easy when I am sick. That still remains to be the case and was a great idea in theory, but rather than managing this way I have found myself getting sicker over time and finding it harder and harder to do much designing at all. I do think that some of the drugs I am on may be at fault. I very much think that the side effects are as bad or worse than the actual illness itself! Methotrexate is nasty stuff, the drug they use for chemo. It is an immune suppressant, and on the lower doses it worked fairly well, but I got worse and they increased my dose and now my side effects are as bad or worse than my symptoms.

I see my rhuematologist at the end of the month and remain hopeful that he will help me find a better treatment. He did say there was something else I could try.

Previously I would normally get at least 3 or 4 days a week where I could design, and that was working fairly well, but after my symptoms got worse and my side effects increased, I am lucky to get a day a week where I can function effectively. A lot of the time I don't even get that.

I suspect a great many people think I am exaggerating about my symptoms. It is really hard to explain what they are like. Every morning I wake up as tired as I was when I went to bed, my joints and muscles are stiff and take at least an hour to loosen up. Don't ask me to do anything before I have had breakfast and my prednisone and anti-inflamatories because I am likely to jump down your throat. My body just manages to function enough to get my breakfast and drugs and then I need to rest to let my body recuperate from lying still all night. Wierd I know.. but that is my life now.

Back when I still had good days the sleepyness would lift and I could do enough physically that I could get a few things done each good day. At the moment, the sleepyness doesn't leave and my brain feels full of cobwebs and I can't think straight. My body feels like lead a lot of the time and there are many days that the smallest amount of exertion, such as putting on the washing will wear me out and exhaust me.

I attemped some sweeping a few days ago, and did a really awful job, I just wanted to sweep the worst of it so the floor looked a little bit better. Well in the space of 30 mins I needed 3 breaks to sweep up the worst of two rooms. That didn't include under things or corners you can't see, just the most visable areas where the most dust was. I was huffing and puffing like an old woman. Some people will probably think I am just lazy and unfit I guess, but I know better. Two days later my arms were still sore from sweeping! My body is so wierd!

There was a time where I would run up the stairs every day when I went to work on the 1st floor. I haven't been fit in a long while but running up the stairs was not hard for me. In the last year I was at work, running up the stairs became harder and harder and eventually I had to climb up them slowly. That is not my body being unfit, that is my body going on strike.

I am home during the day but am unable to do the housework. Dean has to do the majority of it, although I might wipe a bench here or put on a load of washing there. He is so busy he has a hard time keeping up with the housework and it frustrates me to no end that I can vacume or sweep or mop. The floor is dirty and I can't do a thing about it. I hate it!

It frustrates me even more that a non physical task of designing most of the time eludes me. I get stiff and sore very quickly sitting in my desk chair, I get headaches and my brain just won't function with any clarity. Instead of thinking straight, my thoughts are jumbled.

I feel grateful that I can still keep in touch with family and friends on facebook. I can post a sentance here or there on my laptop. It is only on my worst days that I can't manage even that. Some of my worst days involve one or two naps and watching tv like a zombie in between.

I am so grateful that because I am no longer working outside the home, I can spend more time with the kids, I just wish I could work a little more inside the home.

Thank goodness I am able to be supported by the Disability Pension because without it right now we would be in all sorts of trouble. I remain in hope that some day we will no longer have to depend on it and I can work more and replace my disability income with designing income. I long to be productive again and long to design more. I love it and feel blessed I have the opportunity to do it, I just wish I could do more of it!

I hate that this post has turned out so woe is me, but it is good to get it out. I am normally a glass half full kind of girl, but there are times that my limitations get me down a bit.

For those of you who are familiar with the spoon theory, I just don't have a lot of spoons right now and I hope in time I will have a few more to spread around. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I some time went into remission, or there was some new treatment that could help me live a normal life again. You never know I guess! I the mean time, I am so grateful I have such an understanding husband and such forgiving children who do their best to be quiet when their Mummy needs a nap.

I hope to try and blog a bit more, maybe it will help to get my feelings out a bit more.

It’s been a while!

It has been a while since I have done an update so I thought it was time to post a blog post on how things are going with us. So much has changed since last time I wrote.

We are nicely settled into our new home. That is we are moved in and comfortable! I still have lots of boxes in the garage that need unpacking that I will do as time permits. Our old house sold fairly quickly after our third contract on it! It sold quick but the first two contracts fell through, but we were third time lucky. Unfortunately the bank wanted more of our equity than we expected so we don't have as much left over as we were hoping.

We were planning on using some of it to buy a new car, since our old one has died.. the engine is kaput and it is still sitting in the back yard. We need to get it to the wreckers but we haven't got to that yet. We got lucky because my brother bought a new one, and didn't need his old one any more and it wasn't worth selling so he let us have it. It will do just fine for the time being especially since….I am no longer working outside the home!!

That's right, if you haven't already heard, I am no longer working as an Admin Manager. After 3yrs in an accounting firm as the admin manager where I did payroll, in house accounts amongst other things, it was time for me to start putting my health first. My health was making it very difficult for me to maintain my work standards and I was finding it harder and harder to manage working full time with set hours.

So what now?? Well since I already have the best job in the world designing for DSP, which I was already doing on the side, I am now doing it full time, well full time with the added benefit of working when I am well and taking it easy when I am not. My hours are as flexible as they can get, I can work at 2am in my jammies, or 9.30am when the kids are at school or 8pm when the kids are in bed, or pretty much any time I feel like it. I love designing and am so lucky to be able to do it as a job now even tho I am unwell. I couldn't have a more suitable job for my illness which at this stage still looks to be Mixed Connective Tissue disease according to my Rheumatologist.

I have symptoms of several Auto-Immune diseases which may later develop into a specific one or may remain overlapping. Auto-immune diseases are notoriously difficult to diagnose even when the symptoms are clear but in the meantime at least I am being treated and now that I am no longer working outside the home, I can put my health first instead of my job but still earn money while doing so! YEAH!

The kids are doing great. Jasmine is about to turn 8 and is such a lovely young lady! She just got her ear's pierced today as an early birthday present. She is starting year 3 this year… boy it goes fast!! Kyan (my baby!!!) is starting prep this year! It will be good to have them in the one place instead of one at school and one at daycare. Although for the first time they have both been enjoying the entire Christmas break at home, and getting to know the kids in our new neighbourhood. I love that I can work even while they are home from school! Although maybe not as efficiently!!!

I think that is pretty much all of it. We had a lovely Christmas and new year and the kids are looking forward to going to school. I am loving spending more time designing although I think it will be easier when the kids are at school! I get so many interruptions at the moment while they are home, which is fine of course, I am enjoying spending so much time with them at the moment.

Oh nearly forgot! Dean has moved the workshop to home now and is now working at home which works well because if he wants to work extra hours, he can do so without feeling like he can't see the kids while he is gone. And now we don't have to waste rent on a shed and can put that money towards our house instead! We still in the process of organising curtains. We have some roman blinds on layby for the family room and have ordered some fabric for the kids rooms and will have them made very soon. Ours will be next after those I think. Yes, we just have sheets on the windows at the moment! It will take time to get it all done but it will happen bit by bit.

We need to get a ride on mower too because we don't have a mower and our block is an acre, so it is a bit expensive to have someone else mow each time! So that is on the priority list as well at the moment.

Anyway, so lots of changes for us, but hopefully all for the better! I think life will be a lot less stressful and much simpler now, and hopefully Dean won't have to work too many extra hours!! How else will he fit all that triathlon training in???

Awesome news!!!

The old house went on the market this week.  Signed the papers with the agent on Monday. They took some awesome photos.



The kitchen was great, compact but plenty of bench space and storage.

The wonder of wide angle lenses! The bathroom is so not that big!

The wonder of wide angle lenses! The bathroom is so not that big!

The backyard was that big, was great for the kids.. mind you our new one is 4 times the size!

The backyard was that big, was great for the kids.. mind you our new one is 4 times the size!

Anyway, the email newsletter ad and internet ad went online Friday night, newspaper ad went in Saturday morning and there was an open house Saturday morning. We had two offers one of which was 10k under the asking price and wouldn’t budge, then we got another which we were happy with so it is SOLD!!!

WAHOO! Basically sold in one day from when it was advertised, how cool is that?? Such a relief, paying two mortgages not fun!

Dust Storms and MORE Dust Storms

The dust storms in Australia have apparently made world news and I managed to take some very orange looking photos a few days ago…




Yup, this is the sun...not the moon.

Yup, this is the sun...not the moon.

Just when we thought it was over, we started having what looked like overcast weather, but was actually dust. Today it started getting worse again and we are now in the midst of another dust storm. Not the pretty orange colour this time, but still rather nasty looking!!


Eerie huh!

Eerie huh!



I ended up with a bit of asthma at the end of the day from the last one, hopefully I don’t get the same again today. We have that awful dusty smell inside again.. so annoying!!! Oh and that box, I have no idea where it came from.. it blew there with all the wind we have been having! It can stay there till the dust storm is over.

The Spoon Theory

I stumbled across The Spoon Theory and it is such a wonderful way to explain dealing with my Auto-Immune issues.  I don’t think mine are QUITE as severe as hers, but fairly close.

So many people don’t get that I am sick because apart from looking pale at times, I don’t really look sick, and it is really hard to explain. I have on countless occasions knocked back a social event because I just wasn’t feeling up to it. I feel at my worst in the mornings after I get up and in the evenings after work and while somewhat better during the day, if I overdo things I pay for it later.

Now most of the time, if I start to feel it I just stop as I know it will only get worse later if I push through it. Sometimes (like at work) I have to do it anyway because it has to get done and I do pay for it later.

Anyway, enough rambling, I thought this was a great way to explain things. Have a read…

The Spoon Theory by by Christine Miserandino

Moved in for 2 weeks & update

We have been in our new house for 2 weeks now. We are still totally surrounded by boxes, but we will get there eventually I am sure. We still haven’t quite finished moving out of the old house and once that is finished Dean will have to move the shop to our shed at the house. It is going to be a huge job because there is heaps of stuff that has been there for many years. He will also have to cut things down a lot because he is moving into a much smaller shed, but we do have a lot of excess stuff in storage that we really don’t need to keep anymore.

The kids are really enjoying the house. Kyan’s favourite thing is the automatic roller door. He loves that it opens automatically when we drive in and out. Jasmine loves that her new room is nowhere near as cold as her old one. She had the coldest room in the house before because it is a wooden house and she had windows on two walls that let in lots of cold air.

They are both also loving their new play room which will eventually be a lounge/theatre room. At present we are content to watch movies and tv in the main living area although the kids have our old tv in their play room so they can at least watch different stuff to us. The new kitchen is my favourite part of the new house. It’s big enough for two or even three people without running into one another all the time. I am also loving the walk in pantry. I have been wanting one of those for the longest time.

The ensuite feels like such a major luxury which I can’t quite get used to! It is such a novelty to only have to walk a few steps to go to the toilet in the middle of the night!

I am the only one who hasn’t tried the spa yet! And now it turns out the pump for our tank isn’t wired up like we thought and so I won’t be having one till it is now. We have been watering the turf diligently (trying to get it going) thinking we were using tank water! Not happy! What a waste of the town water!

Dean rang the builder about it yesterday so hopefully they will fix it soon!

I am struggling with work at the moment. I have had to take lots of sick days because of frequent flare ups which I now think are being triggered by stress.  It looks like there might be changes happening on the work front as I am just not handling it anymore. I can’t say too much now as nothing is official yet but suffice to say I need to make changes to reduce stress so that I can stop being so sick all the time! Fingers crossed it works out like we hope it will.

Here It Is – All Finished!


Here it is, our new home finished at last. Ok, I admit I cheated a little and photoshopped the grass as it is brown not green, but it will be green eventually! He he Especially if Dean retains his enthusiasm for watering it. He went over at 5am this morning to water it.

We will also need to do some seeding because we only got turf for the area immediately around the house. There is no way we could possibly turf an acre block unfortunately. I dread to think how much that will cost!

There are LOTS of weeds in the rest of the block so we will need to do something about that as well.  I think we should hire someone to seed and spray as we have no idea what we are doing.

Oh and we need to buy a ride on mower. Better sell our old house quick so we can actually afford one. Oh wait that means we have to actually get it ready to go on the market! We have decided to just sell it as is. We don’t have the time, inclination or money to do the finishing touches. It really only needs some paint and touch up work and a new laundry tub.  It will sell quick regardless because it fits into the first home owners market which is in high demand at the moment here.

The cleaners are over there at the moment cleaning away ready for the handover tomorrow. Wonder if they will pick up all the crap the workmen have left outside. Old drink bottles and cigarette buts all over the yard. I suspect they will only do the windows outside. Oooh which reminds me, must organise bins from the council!!!


YAY! Finally it is close to the time we have been waiting for. Our house is being finished today and will be cleaned on Monday and Tuesday we get to move in! WAHOO!

Jasmine is so excited and couldn’t wait to tell her friends. Kyan is mostly concerned about whether we would still be able to find Sizzlers and his ‘Preschool’. He is having a little trouble getting his head around the whole concept and thinks we are moving to Brisbane. ROFL He KNOWS where the house is, and apparently it is in Brisbane. Anything that is more than 2 mins out of town is apparently Brisbane. LOL

Our turf is a little sad looking at the moment but hopefully will pick up once we get a chance to water it some more. Fingers crossed it doesn’t die on us!

So this weekend is going to be rather busy packing etc. The gas bottle doesn’t get installed till Wednesday so the first night we will be without hot water and gas for cooktop but we still have a gas bottle on our BBQ so will be able to cook dinner on that the first night.. or maybe even go to Sizzlers just to reassure Kyan! LOL

It is SO exciting after all this time to finally have a new house with space.

I will go out and take photos on the weekend. The driveway looks fabulous with the stencilling, it really finishes the place off. I may have to photoshop the rather brown looking turf tho! LOL

Getting there!

We were hoping to be in the house by now but there are a few things that need finishing off still and then we have to wait for the certificate of occupancy before we are allowed to move in. We do however have some more photos. We had another inspection last week and I took some photos while I was there.

Front of the House

Front of the House

Front - We have a driveway - still to be stenciled

Front - We have a driveway - still to be stenciled

We have a Mailbox! No number yet tho...

We have a Mailbox! No number yet tho...

We are really happy with the front door, the concrete in the entry is to be stenciled as well.

We are really happy with the front door, the concrete in the entry is to be stenciled as well.

Family Room - Aircon is in and lights.

Family Room - Aircon is in and lights.

Family Room from Dining Area side.

Family Room from Dining Area side.

Kitchen is Finished! I LOVE our kitchen!

Kitchen is Finished! I LOVE our kitchen!

Gas Hot Plates and hot water controller

Gas Hot Plates and hot water controller

All appliances are stainless steel, pity our fridge is white!

All appliances are stainless steel, pity our fridge is white!

Hallway, they put in the wrong lights, and the door handles have since been put in throughout the house.

Hallway, they put in the wrong lights, and the door handles have since been put in throughout the house.

Jasmines Room - note the pretty pink light, Kyan's was meant to be a soccer ball light but they put in the wrong one, hopefully they will fix it soon.

Jasmines Room - note the pretty pink light, Kyan's was meant to be a soccer ball light but they put in the wrong one, hopefully they will fix it soon.

Kids bathroom.. you can see the missing tiles above the bath. They must have run out or something...

Kids bathroom.. you can see the missing tiles above the bath. They must have run out or something...

Shower in the kids bathroom. I love these tiles, they look great!

Shower in the kids bathroom. I love these tiles, they look great!

Our bedroom, the carpet colour isn't right on the photo, it is more of a mocha brown.

Our bedroom, the carpet colour isn't right on the photo, it is more of a mocha brown.

Our's soo huge! We don't have near enough clothes to fill it!

Our's soo huge! We don't have near enough clothes to fill it!

The spa now has it's glass.. so hanging to try out the spa!

The spa now has it's glass.. so hanging to try out the spa!

Our very own toilet.. no more kids walking in on us.. yeah right!

Our very own toilet.. no more kids walking in on us.. yeah right!

Main Toilet, they put in the wrong darn light again! Was meant to be an Oyster light.

Main Toilet, they put in the wrong darn light again! Was meant to be an Oyster light.

Great afternoon light in the laundry, and we now have a new washing machine for it, because our old one kicked the bucket.

Great afternoon light in the laundry, and we now have a new washing machine for it, because our old one kicked the bucket.

Bad Photo of the Lounge room

Bad Photo of the Lounge room - there are bifold doors

Nearly forgot, LOVE the outdoor lights on the garage...

Nearly forgot, LOVE the outdoor lights on the garage...

And on our patio.. the concrete will be stamped here too.

And on our patio.. the concrete will be stamped here too.

Got in trouble for not including an inside photo of the entry, so here it is.

Got in trouble for not including an inside photo of the entry, so here it is.

MRI All Clear

Well I got the results for my MRI yesterday when I saw my rheumatologist. All was clear apart from a disc protrusion which I already suspected I had. So that is good. I didn’t think it would show anything but it was good to have just to be sure.

The plaquenil doesn’t seem to be working however he still wants me to stay on it, perhaps it might start working in time. I have my doubts tho! He said I definitely have an autoimmune & inflammatory condition but at this stage he just can’t put a label on it yet. He said in time as it progresses he will probably be able to.

I still have my money on lupus as that seems to be what I have the most symptoms of. It seems to fit the most, but it isn’t showing the positive ANA in my blood work yet, but for now still no firm label.

He wants me to try an immune suppressant, which I am quite happy to do, anything that might help I am willing to try just to improve quality of life. Unfortunately he said it probably won’t help the exhaustion and sore & weak muscles I get from minor amounts of exertion. I asked him about exercise as I want to ty and lose some weight and he said I will have to take it very easy and gently, but it is a good idea to do. I mentioned that I hoped loosing weight would help improve my symptoms, but he said it would have no bearing on this disease, it makes no difference whether I am overweight 6okgs or a child. But of course it is still a good idea to try and loose weight to help my heart and joints.

I asked him to go off the cortisone and now he wants me to stay on it!! DARNIT!!! He did let me decrease my dosage to 5mg tho so hopefully that will be better. At least I am not gaining weight like I was before and hopefully at 5mg that will have even less of an effect. I had forgotten my afternoon dosage yesterday so may as well make that change from yesterday! LOL

I start my new medication today.. I have to wait for the Chemist to order it in as they didn’t have any yesterday. I just have to take one tablet a week and Folic Acid on the other days.  Fingers crossed there aren’t too many side effects and it makes me feel like a new woman…. one can only hope!

Nuisance House Guest

We have no idea how this possum got in a very small section of our roof. Our only guess is that it was still young when it first got in there because it is way too big to fit into the tiny access hole that it had. But then how on earth did it survive in there for so long? It must be 12mths ago that we had the possums removed from our roof.

Anyway, here is the little culprit.. or rather not so little!


Dean trying to get a look at it and what it is up to.


We thought at first it had moved into the main section of the roof, but I heard it the smaller section earlier so it might just have moved up further in the small section. We are hoping it will leave once it gets dark. Fingers crossed, Dean is going to have another look tonight and close it up if we think it is gone.

Little Invader

I have been nagging dh for ages, to put a trap in the ceiling because we thought we had a rat up there, it was in a small section where the roof and ceiling are both attached to the beams, so he says he can’t get in there to put a trap in there.. so has been putting it off.

Anyway, it was making lots of noise so I went over to the spot with the broom to bang on the ceiling to try and make it go away. And I look at the ceiling and there is a huge 3x1cm (about 1.1x0.3”) hole in it, with what looked like grey fur! I thought no, couldn’t be fur, must be just some discoloured insulation. I poked at it gently and it didn’t move.

So I ring Dean to tell him he needs to do something ASAP because there is now a hole in the ceiling. He comes home and pokes it harder and it moves! It can’t be a rat because the fur is way to fluffy for that. It seems we have our possum problem back. How on earth a possum could get in the teeny hole it got into I have no idea, it must be a really young one or something. So we have to do something NOW before the darn thing falls straight through the ceiling and onto our kitchen bench! Who knows how thin that dry wall is!

So Dean has gone back to work to pick up some tools to lift the tin on the roof to try and get the darn thing out of it, and then fix up the hole in the facing where it must be getting in.

We have had possums in the ceiling before and I ended up calling a possum catcher to get rid of them, and he sealed up the roof for us so no more possums could get in, looks like this little one found a small gap it could still fit into. ARRRGGHHH!!! Well I am not forking out the cash again for something Dean can just as easily handle. No possum trap is going to fit into that teeny tiny space.

So now that is another thing that needs repairing before we sell the house…darnit!!!