Long time between posts

It has once again been a long time between posts on this blog. I guess with facebook I don't feel as much need to update people on my blog. If you know me and would like to keep up with me on facebook, you can add me as a friend. My facebook profile is http://facebook.com/clikchic.

With the weather warming up and being very up and down with lots of humid days I am finding my health is a lot of up and down. I don't do well on humid days and get a lot of pain prior to rain. Heat in general knocks around my energy levels as well. Air conditioning does provide some relief, but not entirely.

I woke up with a swollen face again this morning, which I haven't had for a long time. It is mostly around the neck and jawline that gets swollen and it restricts my breathing a bit and makes my voice hoarse. Dean says he can always tell by my voice when I have facial swelling. It is usually worst in the mornings when I get up and gradually lessens throughout the day. Well most of the time, today it doesn't seem to be improving much.

The kids have been home for the holidays and despite all their Christmas gifts have been getting quite bored. I think they are looking forward to going back to school in the new year. As much as I love having them home, boredom complaints do get a bit tiresome when there is sooo much they can do!

Between the constantly changing weather and the kids being home I haven't done much designing at all this month which is a shame. It keeps me sane! I have found myself reading a fair bit and needing a lot of naps which I am sure doesn't help with the kids boredom. I have however learnt that when I am feeling tired, it is best to give in and take that nap rather than push through the tiredness as it just makes things worse.

I have managed the odd scrapbook page which seem to be easier to do when I am not feeling as well as I can do them on my laptop on the couch. I can design some small things on my laptop, but prefer my faster desktop and bigger and more accurate screen to design kits on. That means of course I need to feel well enough to sit at my desk which I can usually do for no longer than an hour at a time even on my good days which seem to be fewer and further between of late! I am looking forward to winter when my energy levels increase a little.

I am feeling a bit housebound of late, but most of the time getting out of the house seems more effort than it is worth. A short trip to the shops results in my feeling shaky all over and spaghetti legs as if I have just run a marathon. I sweat till my hair is drenched and get really faint and of late even start to loose my hearing. It drains what little energy I have and I immediately need to go and have a nap when I get home. Crazy stuff! 

I am so grateful I can at least digital scrapbook and design even if it is sporadically. I also grateful that Dean is so understanding and the kids are great and although they do complain at times, help out around the house a fair bit. I always feel guilty that they have to do so much but tell myself at least they are learning life skills for when they eventually leave home.

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