I am slack!

I keep meaning to update my blog more but with facebook updates doing the job, I just don't seem to blog as much. It is so much easier to just update on facebook I guess. 

We have a new addition in the household and her name is Coco, she is 9wks old and pretty cute. She will be getting a little friend in a few weeks when she is old enough to be away from her Mum. Her little friends name is Pepper.


Polly is rather enamoured with her, either that or thinks she would be fun to 'play' with or maybe eat… She spends a lot of time watching Coco in her cage!

We have an outdoor hutch for them which they will both go in once Pepper arrives here. They will then mostly only come in for a cuddle or when it is cold. 

I have been having fun doing some photos with my hipstamatic app for my iphone. it creates some fun effects!

I love playing around with all the different lenses and effects. It's lots of fun!

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