Dust Storms and MORE Dust Storms

The dust storms in Australia have apparently made world news and I managed to take some very orange looking photos a few days ago…




Yup, this is the sun...not the moon.

Yup, this is the sun...not the moon.

Just when we thought it was over, we started having what looked like overcast weather, but was actually dust. Today it started getting worse again and we are now in the midst of another dust storm. Not the pretty orange colour this time, but still rather nasty looking!!


Eerie huh!

Eerie huh!



I ended up with a bit of asthma at the end of the day from the last one, hopefully I don’t get the same again today. We have that awful dusty smell inside again.. so annoying!!! Oh and that box, I have no idea where it came from.. it blew there with all the wind we have been having! It can stay there till the dust storm is over.

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