Moved in for 2 weeks & update

We have been in our new house for 2 weeks now. We are still totally surrounded by boxes, but we will get there eventually I am sure. We still haven’t quite finished moving out of the old house and once that is finished Dean will have to move the shop to our shed at the house. It is going to be a huge job because there is heaps of stuff that has been there for many years. He will also have to cut things down a lot because he is moving into a much smaller shed, but we do have a lot of excess stuff in storage that we really don’t need to keep anymore.

The kids are really enjoying the house. Kyan’s favourite thing is the automatic roller door. He loves that it opens automatically when we drive in and out. Jasmine loves that her new room is nowhere near as cold as her old one. She had the coldest room in the house before because it is a wooden house and she had windows on two walls that let in lots of cold air.

They are both also loving their new play room which will eventually be a lounge/theatre room. At present we are content to watch movies and tv in the main living area although the kids have our old tv in their play room so they can at least watch different stuff to us. The new kitchen is my favourite part of the new house. It’s big enough for two or even three people without running into one another all the time. I am also loving the walk in pantry. I have been wanting one of those for the longest time.

The ensuite feels like such a major luxury which I can’t quite get used to! It is such a novelty to only have to walk a few steps to go to the toilet in the middle of the night!

I am the only one who hasn’t tried the spa yet! And now it turns out the pump for our tank isn’t wired up like we thought and so I won’t be having one till it is now. We have been watering the turf diligently (trying to get it going) thinking we were using tank water! Not happy! What a waste of the town water!

Dean rang the builder about it yesterday so hopefully they will fix it soon!

I am struggling with work at the moment. I have had to take lots of sick days because of frequent flare ups which I now think are being triggered by stress.  It looks like there might be changes happening on the work front as I am just not handling it anymore. I can’t say too much now as nothing is official yet but suffice to say I need to make changes to reduce stress so that I can stop being so sick all the time! Fingers crossed it works out like we hope it will.

2 thoughts on “Moved in for 2 weeks & update

  1. stitchmich

    My fingers are crossed for you. I’m wishing that you could quit that stressful job and design full time! I’m so happy that you are enjoying the new house. It’s both exciting and stressful to move, isn’t it? Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  2. Allyson Fuller

    Oh Rob, so much to do…be a mother and wife, pack, move, unpack, move business, oh yeh and a little thing called work. Gee, can’t imagine why you are stressed!! You poor thing. Just think one day soon your feet will be up in the spa and all unpacking over. Take small steps and breath in. Take care of yourself.

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