Here It Is – All Finished!


Here it is, our new home finished at last. Ok, I admit I cheated a little and photoshopped the grass as it is brown not green, but it will be green eventually! He he Especially if Dean retains his enthusiasm for watering it. He went over at 5am this morning to water it.

We will also need to do some seeding because we only got turf for the area immediately around the house. There is no way we could possibly turf an acre block unfortunately. I dread to think how much that will cost!

There are LOTS of weeds in the rest of the block so we will need to do something about that as well.  I think we should hire someone to seed and spray as we have no idea what we are doing.

Oh and we need to buy a ride on mower. Better sell our old house quick so we can actually afford one. Oh wait that means we have to actually get it ready to go on the market! We have decided to just sell it as is. We don’t have the time, inclination or money to do the finishing touches. It really only needs some paint and touch up work and a new laundry tub.  It will sell quick regardless because it fits into the first home owners market which is in high demand at the moment here.

The cleaners are over there at the moment cleaning away ready for the handover tomorrow. Wonder if they will pick up all the crap the workmen have left outside. Old drink bottles and cigarette buts all over the yard. I suspect they will only do the windows outside. Oooh which reminds me, must organise bins from the council!!!

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