YAY! Finally it is close to the time we have been waiting for. Our house is being finished today and will be cleaned on Monday and Tuesday we get to move in! WAHOO!

Jasmine is so excited and couldn’t wait to tell her friends. Kyan is mostly concerned about whether we would still be able to find Sizzlers and his ‘Preschool’. He is having a little trouble getting his head around the whole concept and thinks we are moving to Brisbane. ROFL He KNOWS where the house is, and apparently it is in Brisbane. Anything that is more than 2 mins out of town is apparently Brisbane. LOL

Our turf is a little sad looking at the moment but hopefully will pick up once we get a chance to water it some more. Fingers crossed it doesn’t die on us!

So this weekend is going to be rather busy packing etc. The gas bottle doesn’t get installed till Wednesday so the first night we will be without hot water and gas for cooktop but we still have a gas bottle on our BBQ so will be able to cook dinner on that the first night.. or maybe even go to Sizzlers just to reassure Kyan! LOL

It is SO exciting after all this time to finally have a new house with space.

I will go out and take photos on the weekend. The driveway looks fabulous with the stencilling, it really finishes the place off. I may have to photoshop the rather brown looking turf tho! LOL

3 thoughts on “We’re MOVING!

  1. Laurine

    I am very happy for you all Robyn and hope the move goes smothly. I look forward to seeing photos after you have put all your personal touches to the home – take care and enjoy

    Love Laurine

  2. Michelle

    WOOHOO!!! Congrats! I’m so excited for you. I hope the move goes well. Don’t overdo it and wear yourself out.

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