Nuisance House Guest

We have no idea how this possum got in a very small section of our roof. Our only guess is that it was still young when it first got in there because it is way too big to fit into the tiny access hole that it had. But then how on earth did it survive in there for so long? It must be 12mths ago that we had the possums removed from our roof.

Anyway, here is the little culprit.. or rather not so little!


Dean trying to get a look at it and what it is up to.


We thought at first it had moved into the main section of the roof, but I heard it the smaller section earlier so it might just have moved up further in the small section. We are hoping it will leave once it gets dark. Fingers crossed, Dean is going to have another look tonight and close it up if we think it is gone.

One thought on “Nuisance House Guest

  1. Michelle

    Yikes! I had no idea possums would be in the ceiling or gutters! I’ve only seen them dead in the middle of the road. lol. Good luck getting rid of it.

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