New Symptoms

I haven’t updated on my health for a while so I thought I would post another update.

Going to the Gold Coast crop weekend before last, took a lot out of me as it was pretty full on and it has really worn me out this past week! I had a wonderful time however so it was totally worth it! I took a sick day on Friday and took it pretty easy the entire weekend and I am still exhausted.

What I wouldn’t give to work from home right now, to be able to work when I am well and rest when I am not, would be wonderful, as I am really struggling with having to go to work every day right now.  As awful for my health as the cortisone is, it is days like I have been having this past week that make me wish I was back on the higher dosage.

I have started having new symptoms the last few weeks. I am currently on 7.5mg of cortisone which I was to have down to zero by the time I saw my rheumatologist next month. However with some new symptoms appearing he wants me to stay on the current dosage till I see him.

I have started having occasional hand tremors which last for an hour or so before going away. And the past couple of weeks I have also started having numbness, pain and tingling in my right leg. I have also been having lower back pain which is different than usual so it is most likely sciatica, however my rheumatologist wants to be thorough and wants me to have an MRI to confirm the diagnosis and also to rule out MS which is also an autoimmune disorder. They are scanning two regions (brain and spine) which means it will cost over $500 out of pocket! I really don’t understand why they won’t cover MRI’s with medicare. You would think it was a pretty important medical proceedure a lot of the time.  Oh well.. at this point I don’t care how much it costs, I just want answers.

My bet is that I have sciatica, since I have had lower back problems for years (just never involving nerves) and that the hand tremours are just related to my autoimmune issues. Wish me luck for the MRI Monday week, I want to have the all clear on MS. I don’t really want to have that one!!! I have always wanted an MRI on my lower back, so it will be good to know exactly what is going on there, since I have always had issues with it.

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  1. Michelle

    Robyn, I’m so sorry to hear that you are feeling worse instead of better. I was afraid that the Crop would drain you. Glad you had fun though. Best of luck with the MRI. I’ll keep you in my prayers. BTW… your new kit and backpack are beautiful!

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