Our Sweet 7 year old

I can hardly believe that Jasmine is now 7 years old! She had her birthday and birthday party on Saturday and had a wonderful time! She had lots of her friends come to her party as well as family and got so TOTALLY spoilt! She got lots of cool presents, High School Musical Singit game for the Wii, HSM Twister Moves, HSM roller blades, Play Makeup and the list goes on.

Can you tell there is a bit of a running theme on the High School Musical stuff, she LOVES High School Musical and is currently saving her pocket money for a Gabriella doll. We were so proud that despite the fact she got so totally spoilt she didn’t act spoilt at all, and at the end of the day wrote us this sweet little note on a piece of notepaper that she got with one of her presents. How cute is this!!

It really made our day to see how much she appreciated her day. It is so heart warming to see she doesn’t take it all for granted and while she got spoilt doesn’t act spoilt. 😉

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