Our Christmas Day Adventure…

We thought we would drive to my parents house on Christmas Day rather then brave the Boxing Day traffic. Well, what an adventure that turned out to be!!

A 2.5hr drive started out with 2 toilet stops before we even reached half way, then at stop number 4, dh was getting too tired to drive so we stopped to switch. Our son needed to go to the toilet AGAIN, so I took him in while dh and dd waited in the car. I came back to a huge puddle of water surrounding the car, and the car overheating! We waited about an hour for the car to cool down so we could top up the water and keep going because it seemed to be going ok while driving on the highway.

We made about 5 more km before the car started overheating again and we had to pull over on the side of the road. We had to call the roadside assistance, for which we forgot to renew our insurance, luckily dh was able to pay it over the phone! Another hour later, the toe truck turned up and much to the kids excitement we got to have a ride in a toe truck. 6.5hrs after we left we finally arrived at our destination!!!

So we basically spent most of the day in the car on Christmas Day!

We should have arrived at my parents house at 4.30pm in plenty of time for her Christmas roast, and ended up arriving after 8pm. Thankfully we didn’t ruin dinner, just had it a touch late. We were going to open presents last night but it was too late for the kids, so we are going to do it this morning once everyone is up.

Not sure when we are going to go back home now, because we have to wait till Monday at least to find out if someone can fix our car. Worst come to worst we may be able to drive my parents 2nd car home until ours gets fixed.

The kids loved their new trampoline, and dh even helped me to wrap presents on Christmas Eve. An all time first!!!

I hope everyone’s day went much more smoothly than ours did!

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