A Couple of Layouts

Dean did his first Half Marathon last weekend which I thought was pretty impressive! I have done a layout with pics of him crossing the finish line. Poor fella was absolutely knackered, but hammed it up for the finish.

Here is one of me. I had an interview with SBE as I am designer of the month this month there. (25% off selected products!) They asked for a layout of me and I hadn’t done one for a while, so here is my latest about me layout.

Both of these layouts were done with Funkified, now available at DigiscrapArt.com

On the health front, I had an appointment with a rheumatologist earlier this month. He doesn’t think it is lupus as he said I don’t have enough of the symptoms, however at this stage he thinks the most likely diagnosis is Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, which is another auto-immune disorder, not necessarily much better. (Lupus is a connective tissue disease) I have to have a bunch more blood tests done, many of which I haven’t had done before and see him again in 6wks so STILL no answers which I find very frustrating!

Mixed connective tissue disease from what i have read is an auto-immune disorder with a combination of symptoms from various connective tissue diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritus, scleroderma and polymoysitis. Apparently it can develop into one or more of the other connective tissue diseases later on in the progression of the disease.

Anyway, there are a huge number of blood tests I have to have done so hopefully I will have a more firm diagnosis in 6wks time. At least we are getting closer to finding out what is wrong. I have been a fair bit better the last few days, so I am waiting till I have another flare before I have the blood tests done.



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    Check the new email address for GrandMa and GrandPa Gough. Bigpond is being given the flick as much as possible.

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