Under Contract!

Well it is official! We have signed a contract on a new block of land and paid a deposit. Has taken quite a while thanks to difficulties communicating with the seller due to them being out of town but thank goodness we now have it all signed and sealed. YAY! The kids LOVE the block because it is so big and love to run around it the few times we have been there. It is over an acre or for our dutch relatives it is over 4500 m2.

I meant to take a photo of it last weekend but forgot to take the camera, so the photo from the listing will have to do for now. he photo below is mostly of the block next to us, ours is the bit behind the fence.


Here is the map of it (lot 54). Adrian & Rachael’s block is on there too. Theirs is three blocks up from ours.


2 thoughts on “Under Contract!

  1. whizzy

    At last! Congratulations . . . looks fabulous! Now just wait for the pleas of “can we have a pony?” LOL

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