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I did this layout with my Serendipity Freebie that I did for the LDD Apprentice Program and the swirly heart is from my round three entry. Unfortunately I didn’t make it through to round 4 thanks to a silly error on my part. DOH! A bit of a shame as I would have loved to make it through to the final round but I guess now life gets back to normal. 😉 I joined in to get the creative juices flowing again and it certainly helped with that! 😉 I have a professional use glitter style and pattern set due to go in store at SBE Sunday week as well as a second Canvas Inspirations set. I am revamping my doodle kit that I had submitted to the LDD apprentice program and will get that in store soon at SBE also.


As soon as I can decide on which picture to use I am going to scrap the conversation the kids had the other day also.  I don’t want to forget that one!


Which reminds me,  really need to do some backing up, I haven’t done any in months!


I hope you are all having a lovely Good Friday. Jaz really wanted to go to church to see what it was like and so Dean took her today. She was excited to see her best friends from school were there but as I suspected she found it pretty boring. She really is still way to young for it. Maybe at some stage Dean can take her when they have a Sunday School class on and she might find that more interesting. She is really fascinated with religion at the moment, I think because they are doing weekly RE at school.


We both really want her to learn enough so that she can make her own decision when she is old enough so we both make a concerted effort to not push her either way, but just tell her what we believe and what some other people believe. I stuggle with it sometimes to keep my explanations neutral. Dean is better at that than me! She does love learning all the bible stories though and that is fine, I did too at her age at school.


Anyway, enough rambling, it is late, must be why! :-) That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it.

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