Round Three Entry, Layout & Update

Here is my round three entry for the Little Dreamer Apprentice Program. This weeks assignment was to do doodles.


Here is a layout of Jaz which I did with my kit, Serendipity. (available Sunday at SBE)


This photo was taken on her 6th Birthday. Her top tooth had fallen out only a short time before the photo was taken. Her adult tooth is about half way through now and the second one is becoming wobbly.

Kyan is at last getting the hang of toilet training. He did not have nappies on during the day at all this weekend and he did not have a single accident. He has also started doing poos on the potty as well which up until Friday he refused to do. He says he is a big boy now and thinks he doesn’t need his car seat anymore. LOL (doesn’t help that we got rid of Jasmine’s booster because she is getting so tall.)

I had my visit with the specialist today. So far I am none the wiser. They for some reason didn’t do the gene testing even tho they took the blood for it, so I had the blood drawn for that test again today. My lactose enzyme levels had improved a little and went from zero to 20 which apparently is still very low. My biopsy also showed improvement but apparently this does not mean anything as the damage shown on the original biopsy could have been from a gastric infection.

He now wants me to go off some medication I am on to see if it improves some of my gastric symptoms and I have to do that for 6wks. Then I have to go back and see him and have a ‘chat’ about the possiblity of doing a gluten challenge. For now I have to stay off the gluten, so no hot cross buns for me this year! BUGGER! I was so hoping to have some! So all up, no real answers and all very dissappointing because it still seems like there is no progress.

On the bright side, I have a referral to Dr Claire Boothroyd (Endocrinologist)  in Brisbane, so maybe she can shed some light on what on earth is going on with my body.

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