Made it to Round Three & General Update

How exciting, I made it to Round Three in the Little Dreamer Designs Apprentice Program. This was my entry for round two that got me through. We had to make one metal element, one glitter element, a stitched element and a free choice one plus one of the elements with a shadow.


The set will be included in my new kit Serendipity available at SBE on Sunday 8 April.

Last week was such a busy week with my birthday last Wednesday and Kyan’s on Monday. I was really pushing it to get my entry done! Kyan had his birthday party on Sunday which was a lot of fun. I will have to post some photos as soon as I get a chance to upload them from the camera. I think Grandpa will enjoy the photo of him on his new drum set! 😉 He had a lovely time on his new bike at his party which we had at a local park with bike tracks. We were amazed at how quickly he got the hang of it! Kyan was very distraught on Tuesday morning when he asked us and we told him that no it wasn’t his birthday anymore. He was very much loving having two days of receiving presents!

With Kyan now being 3 he seems to have taken a big step with his potty training. He is now coming home from kindy every day in the same clothes so he is no longer having accidents there. He has started waking up dry from naps as well so I think we can start letting him wear undies for his day naps. He still will not do poo’s on the potty and won’t let you take his nappy off in the morning if he thinks he needs to do one. So we are still working on that. Jaz was the same when she was toilet training, hated doing poos on the potty. I still have to take him to kindy in a nappy because he will often do a poo on the way, but he gets changed into undies once he is there.

Jasmine is SO loving school and learning so many new words. Each night she has to read us a book for homework and she really does well at it. They have moved her up to the advanced reading group which she is very proud of as are we!

Her swimming lessons have also paid off as she is one of the few in her class at school who can swim proper freestyle. Kyan’s swimming has not been going so well. We have had to pull him out of his class as he was getting hysterical. We just can’t work it out as he was doing SO well last term. He loved it, but for some reason not anymore. We might give him a break from it and try again at a later date. We both think it is very important for them to learn to swim properly so we will keep at it.

My health issues are still a mystery. There is now some doubt as to whether or not I am a Coeliac. Of course I now have my hopes up that I am not and that I can discontinue this awful diet. I had some testing done nearly two weeks ago and I will get the results on Monday. After a ‘chat’ with the specialist we will decide on whether I need to do a gluten challenge or not which involves going back on the gluten and having another biopsy done to check for new damage. I am so hoping that the gene testing that they did will show that I cannot be Coeliac since I don’t have the gene, but then of course we will need to find the reason for my extreme tiredness, anemia and other health issues. Apart from the tiredness my most annoying symptom at present is frequent and horribly embarrassing sweating (and night sweats) with very minimal exertion or increased temperature. At least my joint pains seem to have eased quite a bit and I now only get them occasionally instead of daily. At the moment I think I would be in heaven if I could only wake up in the mornings and feel like I have some energy to take the day on.

Dean has been a real trooper around the house making up for my lack of energy where he can. I feel so guilty and worry that people will think me a hypocondriac but Dean says you can see on my face by how pale I am that all is not right with me. Good to know I am not making it up! LOL Dean does however at the moment have a bout of bronchitus but is on antibiotics now so that together with the day off he had yesterday should clear it up pretty quick with any luck.  Thankfully the kids are over their bouts of illnesses!

Anyway, thanks for reading my ramblings! I do go on sometimes don’t I!

2 thoughts on “Made it to Round Three & General Update

  1. Ali


    I almost died of coeliac disease last year. I managed to diagnose myself in the end, by Googling my symptoms, and this was confirmed by biopsy by a world expert. I am definitely coeliac. What you are describing might be continuing intolerance – for example, soya, legumes, nuts and nightshades give me the same symptoms nowadays that gluten used to. I just can’t eat them. In addition my system and my skeleton is irrevocably damaged, despite the diet. But this is because I was 51 when I was diagnosed. It’s all gone too far. I do sympathise. I wake up in the morning feeling exactly like I did the night before. How I would love to enjoy a refreshing sleep. But I don’t seem able to recharge any more. The best way I can describe it to you is this. You know when there is a big flood and it fills a house? When the water finally goes away, nothing is ever the same. Everything is different. One or two things might look better – the water washed the mud off. But everything else is completely ruined. Things cannot recover their nature once they have been soaked through. That’s how I feel. The gigantic improvement is that my lifelong depression has lifted. So psychiatrically – what a cure. But after the coeliac deluge my nervous system appears to be set on edge forever – I have unbelievable tinnitus and numb patches in my head. My muscles don’t behave like muscles. I don’t have the energy to exercise, but even if I try the muscles don’t enjoy it like they used to, and don’t recover when they’ve been used. And my joints and bones have been destroyed by years of systemic starvation and damage from falls. I don’t know how long you’ve been on the diet – it can take years to feel better. But if you still feel under the weather, I don’t think that’s too unusual. Try eliminating soya first. And I would beg anyone to give up gluten, even if they tested negative. It seems to me to be such an evil substance. Look on Pub Med. You never read anything good about any carbohydrates, at all, really! I hope you feel better soon. Good luck with further testing.

  2. Shabbyjuls

    I am so happy you made it through to round 3..I am still sad and wish I could have gotten my act together with all of my elements. Do you have any tips I could glean from..I didn’t make a realistic shadow on my ribbon or a clean extraction?:)

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