LDD Apprentice Program & update on Oma

Firstly I just wanted to update you all on my Oma. She has made a miraculous recovery. She had an infection that went into her blood but once her antibiotics kicked in she made a huge improvement. She is still very fragile at 92 years of age so she is doing so well to get this far! It is her birthday tomorrow, so they are going to have a big celebration in her room which is lovely. Wish I could be there!

Now for my exciting news!

I submitted an entry into the Little Dreamer Designs Apprentice Program. Mostly for the fun of it, inspiration and because I love a good bit of competition. (it runs in the family!) There were over 140 entries and only 40 made it through to the second round and I was lucky enough to be one of them, so I am very excited.

It will be fun to take part but I am going to be very busy! If you want to check out my entry you can see it here. If you wish to view all the entries, click here. Each of the entries are Freebies you can download, so make sure you at the very least download mine. 😉 I would love to see your layouts with it too! If you post layouts with the Freebies in the LDD gallery you can win a $10 voucher to the LDD store so make sure you check it out! There is some gorgeous stuff in that store as well as the apprentice gallery!