Kit Catchup

I haven’t posted my released kits for a while so I thought I would do a bit of a catchup.

At the start of October, WOW has it really been that long! EEEK!, I released Photoshop Brushes, Custom Shapes and PNG set of Swirls & Curls. Great for adding popular swirls to all your layouts and kits in all sorts of ways. The set is available for personal or professional use. (image clickable)

 With Autumn recently in the USA I released also an Autumn/Fall themed kit in October,  Falling Into Autumn.

Also available in a paper pack!

With Christmas rapidly approaching I have also been working on some Christmas kits. I released a wordart set last month perfect for all your Christmas layouts and Christmas cards.

Unfortunately thanks to several gluten contaminations I haven’t been able to yet complete my Christmas kit,  but I am still working on it and HOPEFULLY I will get it done BEFORE Christmas! LOL Fingers Crossed! At least I managed to get a couple of papers done for it already and have used those for our Christmas cards which look like they will be going out late again this year! Will have to get down to the photo lab Monday and pick them up! :-) Aussies should get them in time, hopefully all our overseas friends and relatives still will if I am quick about it! :-)

Anyway, those are my works since my last kit post.. hopefully my gluten contaminations will become more under control in future and I will be fitter and healthier and subsequently have time to do more kits and enjoy the family!


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  1. Vicky Laursen

    Hi ClickChic, I do not know why i did not find your blog before!! Please tell your friends at also that you are all welcome to advertise your freebies for free on my website.

    These are tough times and all the exposure is good for your work. Please come today.


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