20/20 Vision Yay!

Ok, so at least one part of me is perfect. he he

One of the girls at work was incredulous that I didn’t need glasses especially given that I work on computers all day, and we did a little test to see how my vision compared to hers wearing her contacts.  My vision seemed to equal hers at a distance and we stepped closer to an item that had small writing on it and I was JUST able to make out a word, she said she could make it out clearly, so I thought.. hmm maybe I need to get my eyes tested after all! I have never noticed any problems but I hadn’t had them tested in 12 years or so so I thought it was about time I had them tested anyway.

Anyway, I had them tested and according to our optometrist (who happens to be a good friend of Dean’s) I have a rare condition of perfect eyesight! He couldn’t even squeeze a tiny perscription in with both of my eyes being 0. Hopefully I have passed those ‘perfect genes’ onto my kids and not all the less than perfect stuff! He he

2 thoughts on “20/20 Vision Yay!

  1. Laurine

    You are blessed Robyn, I now know how great 20/20 vision is. Have recently undergone cataract surgery (finally) and was given one lense for short distance and one for long distance. The glasses are now OFF and I too can read very small print again eg anything typed in arial 6pt is very clear.

  2. Pam

    That is so cool! How nice to have such perfect vision!
    I would love it if mine were better–I get tired of wearing glasses–but hopefully lasik will happen for me soon!

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