Ok, spilling the beans

Ok, I can spill the beans since I see my name has been added! 😉

Some of you may not find this all that interesting, but others will. :-) I have been offered a position as designer at Scrapbook Elements! Yeah! I am a bit excited! Unfortunately I have to resign from Designs in Digital to start selling at Scrapbook elements as I just don’t have the time to do both, however, it is a wonderful opportunity too good to pass up! :-)

Over the coming days/weeks I will be removing my kits from DID and adding them to my store at Scrapbook Elements. I will be repackaging and revamping as I go to go with the change so check out the store for the uploads as they become available! :-)

For those of you who are not familiar with Scrapbook Elements, it is a digital scrapbooking site, but not just any, it is ranked number one on the Digital Scrapbooking Topsites list and gets thousands and thousands of hits a day. There are heaps of very talented top designers in the store and I am so proud to be joining them! :-)

5 thoughts on “Ok, spilling the beans

  1. Laurine

    Way to go Robyn – I’m not only happy for you but also very proud. You too are equally as talented and I soncerely wish you well.

    Luv Laurine

  2. Allyson

    Well well Rob, aren’t you a clever thing. Congrats…you should be doing this for a living!!

  3. Vicky Laursen

    Hi, i would like to contact you but cannot find a email for you. please email me i have a graphics question for you about your site. thank you!


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