Big Boy

Finally I have done another layout of Kyan.. I don’t know what it is but I just find it easier to scrap girl layouts than boy layouts..perhaps because I am more into girl colours I don’t know.

Anyway, here is a layout of my little man, the swirls are brushes from my Ala Pink kit and the background paper is from an unfinished kit I am working on. The grunge brushwork around the photo is from my Grunge Me Grunge Brushes set.


The journalling is as follows…

I took You and Jasmine
both outside to show you
a pretty pink sunset.
Jasmine decided for the
first time that she
wanted to try climbing
a tree. So of course you
HAD to do the same. You
adore your big Sister
and do your best to be
just like her. Even
trying very hard to
climb a tree that is at
2 years old still a bit
beyond your amazing 2
year old abilities.
Thankfully once I took
a photo of you next to the
tree you were content
enough with such an
Right now you insist you
are a girl just like your
sister, but you just love
doing your best at being

3 thoughts on “Big Boy

  1. sharon

    My goodness Robyn, look how much he has grown! He really is getting a big boy now! I can really relate to the big sister/little brother thing though – Adam is the same, right down to his favourite colour being pink (because it is Ashleigh’s) and his favourite toy being polly pockets!

    And I agree – it IS easier to do girl layouts (not that I’ve done many this year…)

  2. Laurine

    I have to agree with Karen, you have created a wonderful layout Robyn – the earth tones are perfect, just like your adorable, not so little Kyan

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