My New Life as a Coeliac

Well I have had the diagnosis of Coeliac’s getting onto about 8wks now I think.

After starting the Gluten Free diet, which I must say is rather trying!, I had some dramatic improvement within a few days.. and was starting to feel gradually better and better. It was such a relief to actually have a bit more energy to do things again.. I couldn’t wait to feel entirely normal again!

I still have sooo much to learn about what I can and can’t eat, but I have been making plenty of my own bread in the breadmaker. My favourite so far is my fruit loaf. It is still nowhere as good as the Wheat variety but it taste’s pretty close as long as I make sure it is hot the entire way through when I toast it. So far the home made bread is not that nice when it has not been heated. Having said that it is a darn sight better than the bread I have bought to date!

For someone who likes to go with the flow, I am also finding it rather trying having to ask things to be cooked seperately or with gluten free ingredients. I am soo over having to ask for my meat to be cooked on foil, asking restaurants if they can cook my meal seperately and without sauces and having to stand there and watch everyone eat treats at Birthday Morning Tea’s or other special occasions or Pizza at staff training while I sit there and munch on my corn crackers with cheese and tomato. Even when they especially get me gluten free dip and rice crackers, I can only have one dip before everyone has dipped in the wheat crackers and left crumbs in it. It is so sweet of them to think of me, I haven’t the heart to tell them that they probably needn’t have bothered unless they ONLY buy gluten free dipping crackers.

I am over people rolling their eyes and gritting their teeth.. you know they think I am being overly paranoid and over the top. Even those close to me do it.. What can you do? Only I know how totally horrible I had been feeling and how I never want to feel that way again. People don’t understand how serious the disease is and how real it is that the effect of just a teeny piece of gluten can cause is not just the immediate short term effects it also poses major long term health risks such as osteoperosis and cancer. Not to mention immediate health issues such as high cholesterol, debilitating anemia, aching bones, joints and stiffness, bloating, insomnia, restless legs syndrome and the list goes on.

Food simply does not hold the same interest it did before…it has become rather boring. That may change as I learn more.. but for now.. it remains boring. Thank goodness I can still have some chocolate or I would have lost it by now! Thank you Cadbury for GF Fruit and Nut!

Life as a Coeliac certainly isn’t easy. Having said all that.. if it means I will be healthy, it will be worth it. The trouble is..the past two weeks or so I have gone backwards again. I cannot pinpoint why. I believe I may have had some cross contamination issues over easter, and it is possible that the easter eggs I ate that I thought were gluten free in fact weren’t. I have been very vigilant since so SURELY I should be feeling better by now.

Instead I feel almost as bad as I did just before I was diagnosed.. which was at a point where I was that tired I was constantly at the brink of tears.. and only getting to mid morning before struggling to stay awake.. aching joints, sore and stiff spine… I am not QUITE that bad now, but pretty darn close. It is sooo frustrating! I am tring so hard to eat the way I need to.. and I still feel sick.

On the bright side..I have discovered someone I know has Coeliac’s. The mother of Jasmine’s best friends. (twins) She has known about hers for 2yrs so is a fair way ahead of what I am. She has gotten to the point where she feels normal again and has also been off the rails. It will be good to be able to talk to someone locally who knows the places to source gluten free food etc.. and be able to talk to her about it in general.

She tells me it is extremely important the remain vigilant for the first 6mths while I am healing so that I can feel healthy again. I guess I don’t have as far backwards to go if I eat gluten. Something I am learning at this very moment!

I just can’t wait till I am healed so that I can feel like I can fully participate in life again. I am soo sick of being an observer, not having the energy to join in. Sick of looking at mess but not feeling like I have the energy to do anything about it. Sick of feeling too tired to play with the kids! I guess it is lucky I have a desk job or we would be in real trouble!

Anyway.. while I am still tired and sore, I am feeling less bloated today again so fingers crossed I am once again on the mend! I am looking forward to feeling like I am a 30-something year old instead of 65! I am not quite ready to retire just yet!

Ok, yes a totally self indulgent rant… I am impressed you made it this far..guess I just needed to get it out. Thanks for listening. :-)

4 thoughts on “My New Life as a Coeliac

  1. Allyson

    Oh God Rob, sounds awful. Keep positive and remember your life is different now. I am now allergic to fish, since I was 21 and I just know I can’t have it now and it’s not an option or an issue. I know it’s not as serious as yours butsame theory. I wish I was allergic to chocolate. Hope ur good. Will email soon.

  2. Maralyn

    Robyn, so sorry to hear about the Coeliac problem. I know how hard it can be for you but I guess you can look at the positive and think how much better you are then being diagnosed as a child. There was NO food then (even at your age). Try and stay positive and I know it will get easier. The kids are growing up way to fast and are still “gorgeous”. It was good to be given the link to your blog (from Leonie). keep your chin up and I’m sure it will be all hunky dory soon.

  3. Retta

    Hi Robyn, I am glad to hear you have found someone close by to talk with. I know how frustrating it is being sick but people not understanding and thinking we should just get over it. I have a chemical allergy and it took a few years to convince my DH that it was real so you can imagine what it is like for others outside the immediate family who don’t see the effects in action ALL the time. I even started to feel how others felt about me that I was going overboard, that I am being overly pedantic and paranoid but if I don’t I am totally slammed for a day or two.
    I hope you finally progress to the stage of good health! :)

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