What did you get for Christmas?

I did really well this Christmas and felt like sharing!


I wanted a pretty pink new phone for Christmas and Santa was very nice to me. Now I won’t have to be embarrassed when I get my daggy old phone out in front of people. He he. It is a fairly basic phone but the most important thing is that it is PINK and that it is a flip phone. ROFL

I also got a pretty PINK labelmaker.. I have gotten sick of shelling out hundreds of dollars on custom name stickers for the kids kindy stuff. I was concerned that the labels wouldn’t be dishwasher safe but I am told that they last very well, and they also do iron on name tags, which is even better! It was bearable to spend the money on the labels before we had Kyan but paying the money for two kids makes it that much more expensive, so I decided a labelmaker was the way to go!  I must have been very good this year since santa brought me such a cool toy! Either that or he thinks I spend too much money! He he


I also got this very cool signed copy of this Chris Isaac CD! How cool that santa got it personally signed for me! Don’t you love the halo! ROFL

I was also given a VERY cool Robbie Williams Concert DVD.


The concert is fabulous! (some consolation for the fact I never made the concert here in Australia. :-( ) I can’t wait to watch the documentary dvd that comes with it when I finally get a chance!

I also got a clothing voucher which is great. .I really needed some more work clothes and have already bought some blouses with it!

I did get a few more things but all in all Santa has been VERY good to me! 😉 Thank you SANTA you know who you are.. have to be careful you know.. I have kids around me. 😉

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