Happy Easter!

Jasmine painted some beautiful Easter Eggs Yesterday! 😉 She had a wonderful time painting them and I thought they were so gorgeous I just HAD to share! 😉


She was sooooo excited this morning when she woke to find that the Easter Bunny had been and left some little eggs and bunnies and pieces of carrot, complete with bites taken out of them in her room. (we left out carrot and water for him) She was soo excited to tell us all about it that she could barely spit out what she was trying to say. Then it didn’t take long before she was off and searching for the rest of her booty!

Kyan was not to phased by it all and was quite happy to watch Jasmine scurry around! We managed to find him some Dairy Free eggs so that he didn’t have to miss out on Chocolate, but he was not remotely interested in the chocolate but did quite like the pretty shiny paper! LOL All he wanted to do was unwrap the eggs and throw them around like they were little balls. (he loves throwing balls and anything else for that matter!) Anyway, I had a taste of one of his eggs and OMG they are quite yummy, and the best part is I could eat them without worrying about if it will upset his tummy.. I will try and hold out and let him get used to the idea of eating them but if he continues to refuse them I think I will claim them. 😉


A Happy Easter to you and yours!

I hope the Easter Bunny treated you all well! 😉

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  1. macasm8

    What a lovely job Jasmine did of painting the eggs and my, what a big booty she got. She looks so chuffed. And how sweet Kyan looks. My DGS is 3 and is only just catching onto what the Easter Bunny is all about.

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