Good Article on PCOS

I haven’t been involved in PCOS support for a while now, since the kids came along I don’t have as much time to devote to it. My priorities have now changed from conceiving being my primary focus. I always said that once I had my family I would get started on improving my lifestyle so that health played a much more important focus for me. While we were trying to conceive I just didn’t feel I could focus on both infertility and weightloss.

I have always made some kind of effort to try and eat healthy, although this has somewhat fallen by the wayside with the Chaos of having two kids! However, now that Kyan is getting close to weaning, the time is coming that I need to start getting serious about eating low GI, getting back on Metformin (in the hopes of preventing diabetes) and hopefully loosing some weight.

Weaning Kyan is proving to be a challenge. He cannot have cows milk as he is milk protien intolerant. He has soy in his cereal and his custard, but will not drink it. (don’t blame him!) I have been told you can get soy yogurt so we will have to look out for it next time we do shopping. I had gotten Kyan down to two breastfeeds a day, and then he developed gastro so I had to increase his feeds again to keep his fluids up and as he wasn’t up to eating/drinking much but tolerated his breastfeeds really well.

I have only just got him back on fruit again which is still giving him a little bit of diarreah. My next step is to try goats milk. I gave him a little yesterday and he didn’t think too much of it, but on the bright side, he didn’t get any adverse reaction to it. Given his severe reaction to pizza crust that had dairy in it, I think that was a good sign! If he won’t take goats milk I am not sure what we will do. At the moment the only drink he will drink is water. Anyway, I will keep trying the goats milk and see how he goes, hopefully he will develop a liking for it. Jasmine had no interest in forumula until she completely weaned, so maybe Kyan will be the same with milk.

Anyway, I digress! Once I have weaned Kyan I am going to concentrate more on loosing weight. With Jasmine I lost all my pregnancy weight without even trying by the time she was 8wks old, but 12mths on after Kyan and my pregnancy weight is still hanging around. So, it is time to get serious!

While I am no longer active in PCOS support groups online and in real life, I am still a member of POSAA. I am pleased to see they are still up and running. It is great to see! For a while there it looked as if they wouldn’t continue. What got me started rambling about PCOS? I got sent a link to a PCOS article by one of the committee members of POSAA. Great article! Thanks for sharing Shayne! 😉 It has reminded me I need to get stuck into doing something about it again.. I have been pretending I don’t have it for a while there! LOL I could certainly use some relief from my constant lethargy. Hopefully loosing some weight and getting started back on Metformin will help me out there. As soon as I have weaned Kyan I will go to my gp and get a full health workup done, and then get stuck into it. I think it is probably about time I had another GTT done as well. It will be interesting to see how my insulin resistance has held out since I was last tested!

Anyway, enough rambling from me! 😉

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