I have been blog tagged by PamPie, so here are my responses…..

*2 names you go by~ clikchic (screen name) and Rob
*2 parts of your heritage~ Dutch and Dutch… Both my parents are dutch and my family is dutch as far back as I know. I hold both Dutch and Australian passports.
*2 of your everyday essentials~ Puta and Spare time! LOL
*2 things you are wearing right now~ Pj’s.. yeah, bad I know!
*2 of your favorite bands or musical artists~ Ricky Martin and Robbie Williams, although I quite like our latest Aussie idol winner too! (can’t remember his name right at this moment! LOL)
*2 favorite songs~ No idea!
*2 things you want in a relationship (other than real love)~ honesty and quality time
*2 truths~ Kyan was my 6th pregnancy, I hate wasting time on housework when there are better things to do! LOL
*2 physical things that appeal to you~ eyes, & shoulders
*2 of your favorite hobbies~ digital scrapbooking, photography
*2 things you want really badly~ To take my family to visit my family in Holland, to see my Oma again before it is too late.
*2 places you want to go on vacation~ Holland, Sea World… (I could name dozens more! LOL)
*2 things you want to do before you die~ travel around the world, see and spend time with my future grandchildren
*2 ways that you are stereotypically a dude/chick~ love chick flicks, love yummy smelly things
*2 things you are thinking about now~ everything else I have to do today, what I would rather be doing than the housework and bookwork I really need to do
*2 stores you shop at~ Pumpkin Patch and 1626
*2 people to “tag” next~ Tiffany and Lisa

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