Why have I got a photo of Fritessause?? Because I am a lunatic! Ha ha!

I am known to put whole egg mayonaise on my chips because I LOVE it. But what I love more, but have not been able to have since I spent a year in Holland was Fritessaus! It is kinda like mayonaise but not really, and it has been sooo long since I had it that I forgot what it tasted like. It does have a mayonaise base but doesn’t really taste like mayonaise.

Anyway, the dutch are known for putting ‘mayonaise’ or rather Fritessause on thier chips and this is something I have also been known to do… or on potatoes, or mash potatoes. MMMMMMM

Ok, back to why the photo of the bottle of Fritessause! I did some grocery shopping the other night. Dean normally does it but thanks to his sore mouth he wasn’t feeling up to it, and anyway, I checked out the dutch section as I love to do because our supermarket never used to have one and I love buying the dutch goodies there.

I was sooo excited to see that the dutch section had expanded and there were even more yummy goodies there and lo and behold… jump up and down for joy there was Fritessause. I got all excited right there in the supermarket aisle and I am sure the guy who was walking past thought I was a nutter! ROFL!

I came home and showed it to Dean who of course wouldn’t even taste it but managed a happy dance at home as well! Ha ha!

Hmmm might have to have some oven fries for lunch today just so that I can use some of my precious bottle of Fritessause! YAY!

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